Luann De Lesseps Loved When Bethenny Frankel ‘Conceded’ Her Claim ‘Life Is Not A Cabaret’

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Luann de Lesseps found joy in Bethenny Frankel admitting she was wrong about cabaret. During an episode of Reality Checked on Radio Andy, former Real Housewives of New York star, Dorinda Medley, chatted with Luann about her recent run-in with Bethenny, her daughter, and actress Emma Roberts.

The random reunion:

Dorinda shadily mentioned, “You ran into Bethenny this weekend.” Hysterically laughing, she asked, “How’d that turn out?!” Lu couldn’t wait to take the bait. She began, Bethenny “sent her daughter over to bridge the gap between us. Of course I’m being nice to the daughter, [Bryn Hoppy]. She’s adorable. Very cute kid. I was happy to see her.”

“Then, she took the pictures. Of course. Emma Roberts was there. Poor thing. She’s innocent. These pictures are going around and I go, ‘Bethenny, will you send me the pics that you took? It was great to see you.’ We’re like discombobulated old family members. It’s weird. Like cousins you don’t see very often. All of a sudden, ‘Oh! It’s your cousin.’ It’s kind of a weird thing.”

B allegedly wanted the press from this run-in, not Lu:

“Of course, she doesn’t share the pictures with me,” continued the cabaret crooner. “She had to post them first and get everybody picking up on the thing. Then, she’s got me blocked on Instagram. I’m like, ‘What the hell?!'”

Dorinda admitted she got a chuckle when Lu said, “Life is a cabaret, TICKETS BELOW!” The season 3 competitor on The Traitors US thought, “That is my girl!”

Luann loved when Bethenny “concedes to me.” She said, “You were right,” recalled Lu. “I guess life IS a cabaret.” Bethenny “concedes the fact that after all the shit she gave me for cabaret, guess what?! I rose from the ashes and got to the cabaret stage.”

Lu surely puts the Lu in Delulu … and we love her for it!


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For anyone who loves a blast from the past, here’s the iconic RHONY scene of Bethenny’s ‘Life is not a cabaret’ breakdown. 


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