Lo Bosworth Explains How ‘Frankenbiting’ Affected Her Friendship With Audrina Patridge On The Hills

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Lo Bosworth dished on the “frankenbiting” from  The Hills that affected her friendship with Audrina Patridge. The MTV personality dished to Page Six, about how the show’s edit negatively impacted the relationships within the cast.

**Frankenbiting is an editing method that allows editors to manufacture dramatic storylines by extracting content from one interaction into another – possibly unrelated – exchange.**

The down Lo:

“The season of The Hills where Audrina and I were at odds, when we shot that season, I had no idea we were at odds. I thought we were friends. Then, the edit came out and the edit was not a very flattering edit of me because of the way they cut the show together with voice overs and me staring off into space. I think – unfortunately for her – that created a sense of, ‘Oh. We must not be friends in real life.’ But, for me, that season we were totally friends.”

Then, “The show comes out and it totally changes your real-life relationship. I hear that so often with people who are on reality television. I was talking to Bethenny Frankel about exactly that the other day. The edit that you get can affect your real-life relationships after the fact.”

Lo elaborated, “You don’t know when you’re young and going into these shows that they already have the entire season mapped out on a wall with post it notes of the entire storyline with the arcs, and this person’s going to do this and this person’s going to do that. I don’t think they do this on other shows, but on [The Hills] specifically, they basically had a sit down for a scene, they would shoot it, then they would reposition the cameras. They would do it five or six times. They would do it to get you to say what they wanted you to say. They were doing it – ultimately – to get the cut they wanted to fit into the narrative they had planned.”

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