Rumor: Kyle Chan Drops Bombshell About Tom Sandoval’s Mental Health *Content Warning*

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After the dramatic teaser for the three-part Vanderpump Rules trailer dropped, Instagram content creator, @Cici.Loves.You revealed the bombshell from the season 11 reunion that had been withheld from the cast.

@Cici.Loves.You‘s IG caption stated, “I spoke to 7 very reliable sources, only 1 did not reply to me. The others wanted to stay anon. But one person I could quote, @kylechandesign! We had a very long call and he shared a lot of things with me. I am just naming him as my source because he said I could and he is a very close friend of Sandoval.” Additionally, “I was, am and always will be in Ariana’s corner💕, let that be clear. I do however respect Kyle so I did want to listen to him with an open mind/heart.”

Kyle Chan alleged Tom Sandoval wanted to end his life while filming VPR post-Scandoval. Allegedly, Tom “bought a gun. At some point, he called Kyle. He wasn’t in a good place and when Kyle came over, he found Sandoval in a position you would never want to see a friend.”

Bravo TV fans react:

  • I pray that he’s not using MH struggles for sympathy. I hope he’s in therapy. All of that being said, actions have consequences and even if he’s dealing with that Ariana still doesn’t have to interact with him or forgive him. 🤷🏾‍♀️
  • I do believe this! At the time there were people making ☠️ threats etc and that was public, I can’t imagine what private messages were being sent.
  • Sandoval mentioned on a podcast about having gu*s and calling Kyle Chan and implying Kyle had stepped in and basically saved him, for lack of a better term.
  • Don’t believe it, he craves attention. He’s a chump
  • Rachel said that Sandoval told her she was being weak and selfish for having self harming thoughts. His complete insensitivity toward Ariana makes it hard to believe he is genuine.

Listen to the full story here Kyle tell the story about Sandoval buying and almost using the gun here!


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In case you missed the season 11 Pump Rules trailer:


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Dial 988 for the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline if you or anyone you know needs mental health support.