Katie Maloney Puts Lala Kent In Check After Claiming She Didn’t Know Something About Her Opened

katie maloney lala kent lie something about her opening sandwich shop

Katie Maloney exposed Lala Kent for playing dumb regarding the Something About Her‘s opening. Katie and Ariana Madix opened their highly anticipated sandwich shop to hour-long lines on Wednesday, May 22nd.

The Vanderpump Rules star penned a message pointed at one of Lala’s Give Them Lala podcast co-hosts, Jessica Walter. Katie explained, “I mean … Jess for sure watched my [Instagram] stories, so she knew. Guess they don’t talk that much 🤪🤪🤪.”

Bravo TV fans react to Katie calling out Lala’s lie:

  • I just love a toasty comment from Katie. 🖤
  • I feel like Lala can’t get out of wanna be producer mode and is creating fake beefs wherever she can. It’s so annoying and not believable.
  • I love me some Katie, “Choke, I don’t care”! 😉
  • Is it just me or did the “oh my gosh it’s open I love that for them” sound really fake? Like either she already knew it was open & tried to just sound like she didn’t.. or did it sound forced bc of the “I love that for them” after she’s been repeatedly out there saying “something about her is nothing about her.” Cringe.
  • Katie is the most authentic of all the group, Lala can’t hide her jealousy and hypocrisy


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In case you missed it:

Lala had the ‘ordacity‘ [as Ramona Singer would say] to pretend she didn’t know Katie and Ariana Madix‘s highly anticipated sandwich opened. “Oh my gosh, it’s open! I love that for them.” During an Amazon Live, the expectant mother explained why the news-worthy opening didn’t make her radar. “I don’t really go into West Hollywood that much. It’s kind of a trek. I don’t really leave my house that much.”

Regardless of how often Lala leaves her house, the highly successful opening of SAH made headlines in publications like The Daily Mail, The US Sun, Business Insider, The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Eater LA, and BuzzFeed. Lala’s brother/yes-man interjected to help her with her public image. “But if we are in the area…” Her friend/yes-woman, Jess, quickly added, “I’ll go get us some lunch if I’m in the area.” Lala, at that point, pivoted to her ‘soft’ side. “Yeah, I’ll go get us some lunch if I’m in the area. I mean, the sandwiches slap. By the way, the moment they’re on Postmates or GrubHub, I will be Something About-ing Her all day. On the reg.”

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