Lala Kent Says Kyle and Mauricio Umanksy Used Their Separation for a Storyline

Lala Kent dedicated a bonus episode of her podcast, Give Them Lala, to answering fan questions about Vanderpump Rules. Unfortunately for Kyle and Mauricio Umansky, their “marriage” was called into question by one Lauren from Utah!

Lala opened the top of her bonus episode refuting the notion she surrounds herself with “yes people.” Ocean’s mama records weekly episodes with her brother, Easton, and personal assistant turned friend, Jess Walters.

Listeners can’t help by notice that neither Jess nor Easton tend to disagree with their sister/boss. Fans are asking why.

So, to combat this issue, Lala had her Give them Lala producer (who has zero connection to Vanderpump Rules) fire off fan questions.

Lala’s producer asked if she purposely planned baby number 2 for a storyline. Of course, Lala denied the asinine theory.

“That is so wild to me that that’s what people are saying,” Lala began.

“It tracks because there’s many people on Bravo – Mauricio and Kyle – for example. They’re staging their breakup for a storyline.”

In case you missed it, Kyle and Mauricio announced their separation via a joint Instagram statement on July 2023.


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Fans were hopeful Real Housewives of Beverly Hills would shine a light on the demise of their seemingly “perfect marriage.” Kyle and Mauricio were the poster child for a successful Hollywood marriage, and that came tumbling down when country singer, Morgan Wade, entered the picture.

Bravo fans were frustrated at Kyle’s lack of transparency while on RHOBH. However, on Mauricio’s Netflix show, Buying Beverly Hills, the family was much more candid on the seperation.

The podcaster went on to say “They’re changing the dynamic of their family, and 27 years of marriage for a storyline. It’s absolutely absurd.”

Closing out the question, Lala says “no, I am not bringing a child into the world, stretching my body in all different ways, for a storyline.”

Listen to Lala’s bonus episode, below.

What do you think? Do you think baby #2 was fueled by Lala needing a storyline? Are you surprised she threw Kyle and Mauricio under the bus to add validity to her claim? Sound off below!