Caught Brown Handed! Jax’s Studio City Investigated After Jax Taylor And Brittany Cartwright Were Seen Changing Diaper On Counter

jax taylor jax's brittany dirty diaper investigation

Jax’s Studio City was in deep shit with the health department after owners Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright were recorded changing their son’s dirty diaper in a food service area. According to reports from The US Sun, the stars of The Valley were investigated after “multiple customer complaints.”

“Discussed with owner that employees and customers are not allowed to change baby diapers in the bar counter or on tables. It is the owner’s responsibility to enforce this. Owner demonstrated understanding.”

Their hands were clean, this time:

Although the Bravolebrities were caught brown handed changing Cruz’s diaper on a surface food and drinks are served on, there were no feces-related offenses while the inspectors were on site. “The complaint was not observed. No one in the facility was changing diapers in the bar at the time of the inspection.”

To conclude, “The complaint has since been closed and no further action was taken.”

Bravo TV fans react to the diaper investigation at Jax’s:

  • What’s even crazier is that Jasmine took the video and captioned the story something like “parent life” 😭👀😂
  • First, it only takes 5 seconds to wipe the bar down and it’s clean again. Second, the chick who took the video should feel ashamed.
  • Considering this is his bar there is always a private office for management … go do it there !
  • This is just lazy…. Coming from a mom- there’s no good reason one of them could have brought the baby to the bathroom. Bathroom doesn’t have a changing table? okay- go to your car. Do you know how many times I’ve change my kid in the back of the car?😂 cmon guys.
  • this is why mens bathrooms need changing tables TOO. i personally go to the car to change my child


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Author’s note:

I went to Jax’s for a quick drink a couple weeks ago. Even though the scale of the bar/lounge area was grander than expected, the bathroom was not up to par. I struggled simply getting in and out of the stall without my long skirt grazing the toilet. Unless there is a more suitable restroom inside Rocco’s (the larger establishment Jax is found inside), it’s probably not appropriate to change diapers there.

Drop your opinion of Jax and Brittany using a food service area as a changing table in the comments.