Rachel Leviss Disclosed Tom Sandoval Sent A Bottle Of Champagne To Her And Ariana Madix’s Table After Scandoval Began

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Tom Sandoval really is a worm, with or without a mustache.

On the second episode of the Rachel Goes Rogue podcast, Rachel Leviss, recounted a story from just after Scandoval – Sandoval’s affair with Rachel (then Raquel) behind Ariana Madix‘s back – began.

The former beauty pageant contestant detailed a night out with Ariana and the other girls from the Vanderpump Rules cast after she hooked up with Tom in her car  … which was parked outside Ariana’s home while she was asleep upstairs.


“Tom sent over a bottle of champagne to our table that he called in through the restaurant.”

The gesture “was almost like this twisted way of celebrating [their tryst] and assuring me that this is all fine and dandy. This is something to be excited about.”

The former VPR personality continued, “When the champagne came to the table all of the girls were like, ‘Tom, that’s so thoughtful.'”

Obviously, Ariana assumed Sandoval sent the bottle to her. “Of course, to Ariana, it’s a gesture to her …  that’s her boyfriend.”

Bravo TV fans react:

  • Sending the girls a bottle to their table is another level of narcissistic behavior. 🤢
  • This is so unnecessary and cruel to Ari.Showing she is just as bad if not worse than Tom. Proving she knew exactly what she knew what she was doing on her own free will.Arianna was too kind with her words ar reunion.I think she issues but in my opinion used mental health as an excuse because there is no growth or remorse.Stop talking.
  • This is so diabolical oh my gosh.
  • Man.. why send a bottle of champagne though ? Like for what ? After doing what he did ? Plus I’m not going to overlook the fact that she asked Sandoval if she should tell her. Like asking for permission. At this time it’s very clear she literally had no mind of her own because I would’ve told her as soon as so seen her.
  • She’s doing to much. Saying too much. Trying so hard to pass the blame. It’s sus.

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