Jax Taylor And Brittany Cartwright Detail The Stolen Sunglasses Story From Season 4 Of VPR

jax taylor brittany stolen sunglasses jail

After discussing Justin Timberlake’s mugshot, Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright recollected the time Jax was arrested in Hawaii for stealing sunglasses. The separated stars of the The Valley took to their podcast to explain what really went down that caused Jax to serve time. “Cue the flashback,” joked Jax. Brittany suggested, “Let’s talk about it.”

The full ‘stolen sunglasses’ storyline:

In reference to a plot point from season 4 of Vanderpump Rules when the group took a trip to Hawaii, Brittany explained how it used to work. Production actually allowed us to stay two or three days off camera, and that’s not allowed anymore because of this Hawaii trip. If we do a group trip, we have to come straight home because of what Jax did.”

During a booze cruise, “We’re sitting at Dick’s [of course they go to Dick’s in Hawaii] and he comes back with these Tiffany sunglasses. I didn’t really have name brand things or anything at this point. I had never been given that, like one of the nicest gifts I had ever been given.”

“We’re sitting at the bar, and all of a sudden, police officers come up and handcuff Jax while we are sitting at the bar. I have absolutely no idea what was going on.” Dicing the experience up as “terrifying,” Brittany had “no clue” what was happening.

“Jax looks at me and turns around as he’s being walked out by the freaking police officers and says, ‘Don’t tell anybody.’ So, now I’m freaking in Hawaii by myself. My boyfriend just got taken by the police and I didn’t even know what the reason was.”

Jax entered the chat:

In an attempt to save his minute amount of credibility, Jax requests to “back this up a bit.” He countered, “About this time, I had severe diva mentality. What I’m saying is like I could do no wrong. I basically thought I was the king of the world. So, here’s the thing. We needed sunglasses. I went into the mall – with my bare feet – and I had sand all over me. I had a wad of cash.”

The next details were discussed in court … The store’s security cameras “saw me going to the ATM. I had a wad of cash in my hand. We have to get on the booze cruise in ten minutes. I have to run out of the mall. You see a lot of cash in my hand,” but Jax didn’t use the cash to purchase the sunglasses as the line was too long. “Eff this. It’s not like I couldn’t afford them – I had the money in my hand.”

Brittany squawked, “You let me take a selfie and let me send a selfie of me wearing the sunglasses to my mother. TMZ picks up the story. It gets busted all over the place. Your mom is calling me, your sister is calling me. And, in the beginning, he didn’t want me telling anybody. I was like, ‘How was this leaked on TMZ?'”

This made me wonder, did Jax call TMZ on himself to get press? No press is bad press, right?! What do you think? Sound off in the comment section.