Janet Caperna Calls Kristen Doute Out For Not Rebutting Zack Wickham’s Alleged “Death Wish”

janet caperna kristen doute zack miscarry content warning

Janet Caperna and Kristen Doute hashed it out online regarding Kristen’s involvement in Zack Wickham ALLEGEDLY “hoping” Janet would “miscarry” and take her own life.

Content Warning!

On a recent episode of Gibson Johns‘ podcast, Gabbing With Gib, The Valley star responded to Kristen claiming she was “iced out” of Janet’s baby moon in Big Bear.  “It wasn’t about me icing [Kristen] out or making her feel a certain way. I had to protect myself and my space there. If Kristen would have been a friend to me this summer, would have been supportive of my pregnancy, checking in on me, being a little more delicate with me …”

“It’s not that I’m hiding behind my pregnancy,” continued the freshman year Bravo TV personality. “Pregnancy is hard. I wanted people around me that instead of saying, ‘Oh, you’re using your pregnancy to be conniving or a mean girl,’ I wanted people that were like, ‘We know that this is difficult. What can we do to support you and be kind to you during this time. My body’s going through a lot. My hormones are going through a lot. I really wanted to be surrounded by people that were being kind. Not just to me, but to each other. And Kristen wasn’t that this summer, unfortunately. Zack and I just weren’t in a good place where it made sense.”

Janet explained her motivation. “I was just being authentic to what I would have done either way,” so “I didn’t think about the audience and cameras. I just went out there wanting to be my true self and surround myself with people that want to see my pregnancy go to full term and see me become a mom and have a healthy child. Now, I’m pretty certain that’s not what Kristen and Zack wanted.”

Kristen claps back at Janet’s claim:

“I had a fucking pregnancy loss, but I would never in a million years say something like that. Wait for me to post the texts where I asked her about the pregnancy. Kristen doubled down, “including when she texted me the baby’s first heartbeat and, oh, yeah, I was at her gender reveal. This is revolting.”

Janet jabs at Kristen for staying silent:

“It absolutely is revolting that your BFF Zack said out loud that he was hoping I would miscarry and commit suicide this summer. All of our friends and cast mates were aware of what he said and reached out expressing how disgusted they were by Zack’s death wish upon my unborn cild, except for you.”

“Glad to hear [you] find his comments as revolting as everyone else does.”

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