Ariana Madix Slammed A Body Shaming Troll In The Most Epic Fashion

ariana madix body shame

Like Beyoncé,  Ariana Madix, twirls on her haters. The Vanderpump Rules star seamlessly transitioned from the 11th season of Bravo TV’s Emmy-nominated reality show to hosting one of the summer’s hottest dating shows. While Ariana remains on top, that doesn’t keep from others trying to bring her down.

The New York Times best selling author clapped back at a troll who commented, “She needs to work on her legs.” Ariana wrote, “I work on my sexy ass legs almost every day. I’d snap your neck with my thighs, but I’ll never let you close enough to touch me 💅.”

This isn’t the first time Ariana took to the comment section to clap back at keyboard clowns. Earlier this week, the Love Island host hilariously shut down an online hater who simultaneously threw shade at Love Island‘s bombshell new host and the Love Island Girls. “Ozempic plus extentions? She’ll fit right in. 🤣” Ariana cheekily asked, “Ozempic?? So you think I’m skinnyyyyyyyy 😱😍.”

Bravo TV and Peacock fans react to Ariana and her body shamer:

  • She looks incredible! Imagine being so miserable that you comment on people’s bodies on the internet.
  • That’s literally wild, her body is so good
  • I’m going to assume the commenter is a man who has never seen a naked woman in real life.
  • Her legs and shape are absolutely epic. The balance between womanly curves and jiggle and the muscle underneath… perfection.
  • She has mentioned being insecure about her body on the show in earlier seasons. I’m glad she had gained more confidence and I personally have always thought she was stunning ✨
  • Who on this planet can come from Ariana’s body?!! I don’t even like her and I’m like her body is absolute FIRE 🔥🔥🔥

In case you missed it:

Ariana remains booked in busy. In addition to owning a busy AF sandwich shop, Ariana is heading back to Broadway. Once Ariana is finished filming Love Island USA in Fiji, the bombshell heads back to the Big Apple for an extension of her record-breaking run as Roxy Hart in Broadway’s Chicago.

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