Billie Lee Details Tom Sandoval And Victoria Lee Robinson’s “Toxic Relationship”

billie lee victoria tom sandoval toxic relationship

Former Vanderpump Rules ‘friend of,’ Billie Lee, went off on Tom Sandoval and Victoria Lee Robinson‘s “toxic” relationship. On an episode of the Billie and the Kid podcast, the former SURver detailed how Sandoval’s new girlfriend fractured their friendship and allegedly took Tom to a “dark” place.


Billie Lee revealed that Victoria is “addicted” to the Bravo TV fan sites on social media. “I wasn’t gonna say a word because it makes me so upset. Obviously, I gave up a lot [supporting Tom post-Scandoval]. I lost a lot of friends [because] I was there for him as much as I could be. I have no regrets.”

It’s not about the pasta:

“The thing is, Tom was sober for a long time. When he met Victoria, he started drinking again. I noticed, a lot of alarming things, especially like how the house was a mess all of the time. There [were] drugs around everywhere.”

Billie Lee added, “Victoria would call me slurring words because she would be on something.”


The incessant fighting:

“It was just a very dark time,” detailed Billie Lee. Tom “literally was, like, always depressed. They were fighting all the time. I would get dragged into the fights.”

Billie Lee didn’t stop there. Tom and I were “watching a movie like we normally do, just regular shit.” Victoria kept on calling and calling and calling. So, he had to go upstairs. They got into a fight. He came downstairs and he said, ‘She thinks that we’re going to sleep together tonight.'”

Alleged stalker energy:

Victoria freaked Billie Lee out to the point she was uncomfortable spending time with her close friend one-on-one. “Then I was like, wait, I don’t feel comfortable being alone with him. Then, the second time we were alone together, Tom and I went and got our nails done. [Victoria] was calling and calling and calling. We get in the car and as soon as she answers, she starts yelling at him. He’s like, ‘you’re on speaker. Billie’s in the car.’ She’s like, ‘Of course you’re with her.'”

“The third time, they were fighting and Tom asked me to come over. It was late. I was like, ‘OK. I’ll come over.’ The fighting is constant. I’m telling you, it’s the most toxic relationship I’ve ever seen in my life. I literally would cry. So, I went there to be with him because he was fighting with her and he was really upset. It was just chilling on the couch. All of a sudden, she bust in the house. She was literally parked and watched me come in. She started screaming and yelling at him like we were doing something wrong. I got so uncomfortable, I immediately walked out.”

“Her car was parked behind me and the door was open, and the car was on. Like, she literally jumped out of that car and ran inside like she was going to catch us doing something. I was so uncomfortable. I asked her, ‘please move your car.’ She moved her car and I left. Tom calls me. He’s apologizing to me. He’s like, ‘billy, please come back. Please come back.’ I feel really uncomfortable. I don’t think I should.  He was begging me to come back. I felt so bad for him. So, I turned around and went back. She came in again. Like, I’m not joking you. She was calling. It was just so awkward. I felt like I could no longer be friends with both of them because it was so toxic. I was feeling so much anxiety.”

Embarassed by Tom:

“She would say, ‘I need to break up with Tom.’ Why would you call his best friend and say you have to break up with him? And then she proceeded to tell Josh, which is his cousin and assistant, both of us that she’s embarrassed to be with him. She can’t bring him to parties. She’s used to being with A-list celebrities. The conversation was so alarming and upsetting because she was making my best friend out to be a piece of shit. She was accusing Tom and I of sleeping together together and that really hurt my feelings.”


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