Victoria Lee Robinson Laughs At Theory That Billie Lee Set A Boundary With Tom Sandoval

victoria lee robinson tom sandoval billie lee boundary

There’s a saga regarding “boundaries” with members of the Vanderpump Rules cast and their ancillary counterparts.

During an episode of the Vanderpump Party podcast, Jo Wenberg discussed Tom Sandoval and Billie Lee‘s alleged fallout. The hairdresser believes their friendship became strained when Sandoval began dating Victoria Lee Robinson. Her theory is that all of the tension is a result of the former SUR hostess’s jealously of the aged-out model dating the worm with[out] a mustache.

Jo claims Billie Lee set a boundary with Sandoval:

Jo babbled, “Billie Lee and Sandoval aren’t talking anymore. The girl had to set a boundary, so at this point, I’m really proud of her because it takes a lot to say. I’m not going to speak on behalf of her, but I’ll say this. I love her so much. It’s hard because … no one wants to see Switzerland.”

At the mention of Billie Lee not being on good terms with Tom and Victoria Lee, Jo got weird(er). “It’s not about that. No. It’s not … well, it might be…”

Billie Lee liked the reel.

Victoria Lee entered the chat:

Tom’s next victim new girlfriend laughed at Jo’s comment about boundaries. “Billie Lee didn’t set a boundary 😂😂.” Victoria Lee also stated – for the record – she is “definitely not a pr girlfriend lol”

Tom and I met “on our own time through my friend. This is the silliest comment I’ve seen. Also, I prefer not to watch the show (tv in general), but that doesn’t mean I live under a rock. I’m obviously dating the guy and know what’s going on. I choose to be with someone I love.”

Bravo TV fans react:

  • Billy Lee was hanging around like a lost puppy during the Ariana thing… It was more than obvious she thought Tom would fall into her arms😂
  • Don’t sleep on Jo, she wants everyone to look at her as a victim, but really she is low down & shady.
  • Oooooh… everyone’s allowed to set a “boundary ” except Ariana?? Gtfo 🙄 Jo giving crackhead energy as per usual
  • Billie Lee wanted to be Sandoval’s next gf
  • If vpr isn’t cancelled I absolutely guarantee this new girlfriend will definitely be on the show.

What do you think is the truth in the Sandoval, Victoria Lee, Billie Lee alleged love triangle? Sound off below.