Tom Sandoval’s Puny Offer To Buy Ariana Madix Out Of Home Was Gatekept For Peacock

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Tom Sandoval‘s pathetic offer to buy Ariana Madix out of the house they purchased together was revealed in unreleased Vanderpump Rules footage released by Peacock. In an attempt to gain sympathy from Ann Maddox, Sandoval inquires why the Broadway actress not jumping to accept an offer that doesn’t add up … literally.

Ann explained, both Ariana and Tom each owe $8,314 a month for “bills, not counting mortgage.” Knowing he can’t afford the house on his own credit/income, Sandoval questioned Ariana’s intention for selling her share. “It was, like, over two months ago that I sent her this email,” whined the karaoke enthusiast to his former assistant. He started to read the email aloud, “I’d love to talk to you about the next steps on our house.”

Boy math:

“I’ll give you $600,000 cash based on the math. This is a buy out. This is the equivalent of us selling the property for $3.1M, which is way above Zillow and Red Fin value and definitely above market value.”

Sandoval turned to Ann, “With refinancing this house, and pulling her name off the loan, this goes from being a $10K a month payment to, like, a $20K + payment.” Ann asked her former boss if he could afford it. Sandoval assured her he could afford it “for 6-8 months.”

In other words, no, Tom. You can’t afford it.

Make it make sense:

Tom really is delulu if he thinks anyone in their right mind would accept that a $600k cash offer is the same thing as splitting the value of the home’s current value, $2.83M (minimum). Either Tom doesn’t understand how equity works, or he is playing us all for fools. Maybe both.

The VanderVerse witnessed Tom and Ariana move into their five-bedroom, 5.5-bathroom Valley Village home in season seven of Pump Rules. According to the New York Post, the former couple purchased the “modern farmhouse-style abode” for $2.07 million in 2019. “The sprawling 4,400-square-foot estate, now valued at $2.83 million, has witnessed a substantial increase in worth since its purchase.”

Bravo TV fans react:

  • How nice of the producers to leave this out of the main season! Let me guess, the truth is only for the Peacock exclusives?
  • This is exactly what I kept saying and people were telling me I was just a blind defender
  • Got it. The Zillow estimate is approximately $2.85 million (the range spans to $3.12 million). We all know prices in LA go well over asking. A real offer should have been at least $1.5 million. If he wants to stay in the house, the refinancing is on HIM. I CANNOT believe this did not air AND the producers were having a conversation with him. The misogyny of production and Bravo is astounding.
  • Wow, this is crazy… this should have been seen on the show… and maybe people would open there eyes up about him
  • He admits the house would sell for $3m, but somehow thinks $600k is a fair buyout????


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