Teresa Giudice Claims Production Made Her Pay With Cash During Filming

During the newest episode of her podcast, Turning the Tables, Teresa Giudice spills the tea on Real Housewives of New Jersey filming

Teresa Giudice is treating RHONJ historians to a blast from the past with a little help from Jacqueline Laurita and Kim D!

“Since we’re not having a reunion, I’m having my own,” Teresa teased about the current season’s latest drama.

The trio strolled down memory lane, recapping what actually happened during those early days.

“Jacqueline remember the furniture store?” Teresa asks.

In case you missed it: During season 1, production often showed Teresa and Joe Giudice paying for their extravagant lifestyle in cash. This was a plot point that left fans, and apparently the United States government, scratching their heads.

“The producers were like, I think it’d be cool if you paid in cash. And we’re like, we only have this much cash on us,” Jacqueline recalls.

“I had 200 on me. Jacqueline had 300 on her. She always had cash on her,” Teresa retorted.

The duo recalled that production gave them more money, in addition to the cash they had, to fit the narrative that the Giudice’s only paid their affairs in cash.

“Yeah guys,” the Italian matriarch says, “I didn’t pay by cash. No, I did not do that.”

2024 is the year of Bravo breaking the fourth wall — showing the audience how the sausage, or should we say, the show is made.

Jacqueline echoed that sentiment, reminding the audience that not everything is what it appears, especially when filming a reality show.

“What people don’t realize, the show’s not scripted, but it is produced.”

Because of productions “sleight of hand,” Teresa wonders if the over exposure contributed to her legal woes, “I even think that’s why the government came after us, you know?”

Do you think Bravo producers had a hand in the Teresa and Joe being investigated due to a plotline?