Teresa Giudice’s Husband Louie Ruelas And Bo Dietl Under Investigation For Computer Fraud

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Teresa Giudice‘s husband, Louie Ruelas, along with Private Investigator Bo Dietl¬†are being investigated for “fraud” against a “previous romantic partner” of Louie’s. The Real Housewives of New Jersey personalities face multiple charges against them.

For context:

Instagram’s @ThePinkPopBox gave insight into Louie and Bo’s misdoings.

A psychiatrist Louie used to date was allegedly taken advantage of my Louie and Bo. A woman entered the psychiatrist’s office posing as a domestic violence victim. It’s believed that Louie and Bo hired the woman to scam Louie’s psychiatrist girlfriend. Upon the alleged DV victim’s arrival to the practice, the psychiatrist’s computer was compromised. Allegedly, the woman working for Louie and Bo dropped names, which is how the scam was traced back to them.

The podcaster continued, “Subpoenas have all gone out. There’s no getting around it. If this case wins against Louie and Beau, it can go Federal. And, if they’re proven in a civil case, a federal case will instantly be a thing.”

The legal jargon:

“Defendants did so with criminal, reckless, malicious, fraudulent, intent, divides to fraud plaintiff and cover their own misdeeds related to their efforts as attorney/client/private investigators to send undercover investigators to use subterfuge, dissemination, and other fraudulent pretext to continue defendant Luis A. Ruelas campaign, harassment and abuse against a previous romantic partner, and took files both private and professional in masse from those computers illegally accessed by the same.”

Because Bo is a retired NYPD police detective, he faces more consequences than Louie. In addition to the enumerated actions below, defendants Dietl did so in violation of the license requirements as issued by the New York State Department of State and the New Jersey State Police.

The charges:

  1. For violation of the federal wiretap act
  2. For violation of the computer fraud and abuse act pursuant to its granting of a private of action wherein plaintiffs suffered a ‘loss or damage’
  3. For violations of the stored communications act
  4. For violation of the electronic communication privacy act
  5. For violations of end of N.Y. penal code

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