Bo Dietl Claims Luis Ruelas Never Hired Him To Investigate RHONJ Cast

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Real Housewives of New Jersey husband, Luis (Louie) Ruelas, is getting dragged by Bo Dietl – a retired NYC homicide detective – over claims Teresa Giudice‘s husband made regarding their fellow cast members during the season 13 RHONJ finale.
Bo took to TikTok to explain his role, or lack thereof, in Louie’s accusation. “I’ve been in the private investigator business for over 38 years. I was never hired by Lou Ruelas for any investigation on any cast members, and I want to set the story straight today.”
The Founder and CEO of Beau Dietl & Associates continued, “All over social media, ‘Bo Dietl, Bo Dietl.’ Louie “had no right to use my name and tell these other people that I did investigations” on the Bravo TV cast.
The video was captioned, “A message from the Founder & Chairman of the Board of Bo Dietl & Associates in response to #BravoTv #RHONJ #WWHL alleged investigations into cast members.”
“Firstly, you don’t get to work with the top C-Suites of the world’s greatest companies for 38 years digging up dirt on Housewives.”
“Secondly, we take breaches of confidentiality very seriously and any disclosures of retainment of services require both client and firm to agree. This permission was never sought.”
@therealbodietl A message from the Founder & Chairman of the Board of Beau Dietl & Associates in response to #BravoTv #RHONJ #WWHL ♬ original sound – Bo Dietl

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