Rumor: Summer House’s Kyle Cooke Celebrates His “Upcoming Divorce” From Amanda Batula

kyle cooke divorce amanda batula cheers toast

Summer (and marriage) should be fun!

Unfortunately for Summer House‘s token married couple, Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula‘s future together may be doomed. In addition to a tip from Deux Moi, Instagram creator @FaceReality16 received boots-on-the-ground insight into Kyle and Amanda’s troubled marriage.

Let’s start with the Deux Moi tip aboout Kyle and Amanda getting a divorce:

“This Bravo entrepreneur turned DJ was seen getting extra close with someone who wasn’t his partner during a night out following an event for his company. Is another break up in the cards this Summer? Maybe she has reason not to want him out on the town until 4 AM.”

Let’s dissect this allegation …

Bravo entrepreneur = Loverboy
DJ = Kyle released an EDM song in 2020
The 'S' in 'summer' was randomly capitalized, like a proper noun would be
Amanda has spoken on Summer House about wanting Kyle home more

Now, on to @FaceRality16’s source:

A fan of the popular content creator allegedly “Saw Kyle at restaurant in Midtown a couple weeks ago having dinner with three guys, one of them being Everett” Weston. The guys were toasting “to his upcoming divorce.”

Bravo TV fans react to Kyle and Amanda potentially divorcing:

  • I’m more shocked if it doesn’t happen. Amanda deserves better
  • They gotta keep their spot for summer house😂😂😂
  • Yes – Amanda is like Michelle from the valley. Anything Kyle does, do , look, say annoys the fuck out of her.
  • Kyle isn’t stupid enough to do this publicly unless it was a joke, like I’m gunna be away DJing, cheers to my wife wanting a divorce.
  • Kyle and Amanda were more toxic than Lindsay and Carl yet everyone were up in arms about Lindsay and Carl 🥴


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In case you missed it:

In addition to Kyle’s cheating scandal from the early days of Summer House, the Loverboy founder was accused of cheating in March of 2023. Amanda called the anonymous submission “convenient … given what was going on at the time on the show.”

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