RHOSLC Star Jen Shah Spotted At Airport Heading To NY For Prison Sentencing

"Those boots are made for walkin’ right into prison."

January 5, 2023 8:57am

The self-proclaimed Queen Bee and MVP of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Jen Shah, is en route to meet her fate … literally.

The controversial RHOSLC star was spotted at the Salt Lake City airport on her way to New York, where Jen will receive her prison sentencing on 1/6/2023. (The countdown is on!)

Fashion choices were made as Jen chose to stack gold bracelets and don oversized rings, all while adorning a black fur coat as she walked through the SLC airport … while Coach Shah, appeared to be social distancing from his wife.

Clearly, I don’t need to point out Jen’s knee-high, high-heeled leopard print boots; however, I do have to ask … are those the same boots she wore to her initial court hearing?

Thanks to podcaster @nofilterwithzack for the literal *boots on the ground* content.

Clink clink:

The majority of commenters hope to see justice for the lives affected by Jen’s telemarketing scheme that targeted senior citizens and sick people, though some showed empathy for the ‘Shah-mazing‘ reality star.

  • “Guilty or innocent I feel horrible for her family”
  • “I guess they forgot the bag and jewelry when taking her stuff I bet they take her into custody Friday”
  • “She would Lose her Mind if someone did that to her mother and stole all her mothers retirement money”
  • “Can I over analyze this for a second? Thx. Coach shah ain’t happy. He is distanced from her and not at all walking in a close or protective way like I’d think he would. I can’t blame him. Body language is interesting”
  • “Those boots are made for walkin’ right into prison”
  • “I’d like to think it’s her walk of shame, but she has no shame. I think she deserves to serve at least 10 yrs in prison. Preying on the elderly or anyone that is vulnerable is especially despicable.”
  • “Coach looks good tho 🔥”
  • “What a nightmare…even of its been well earned. 😵‍💫”
  • “Dead Man Walking”
  • “Xoxo gossip girl”

Do you think Jen’s flaunting of her fake wealth at this stage in the criminal proceedings will negatively affect her prison sentence? Sound off below.

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