Linda Darnell Is Selling Monica Garcia’s Range Rover

linda darnell monica garcia sell range rover

Monica Garcia‘s mom, Linda Darnell, is looking to sell her daughter’s 2017 luxury SUV.

SUV for sale:

Linda took to to hawk the Range Rover “as seen on” Real Housewives of Salt Lake City being driven by Monica.

Asking $41,200, the Range Rover has just under 160k miles and was wrapped in a “new gorgeous rusty gold color after shooting.”

Linda Darnell Susan Maria Garcia requested only serious buyers and pickup only for the vehicle.

RHOSLC fans react to Monica’s mom selling her SUV:

  • Too many drive bys at Jen Shahs? 😂 that’s a lot of miles baby girl
  • Not “Monica Garcia’s Range Rover as seen on #RHOSLC” 💀💀💀
  • The #bravo took me out
  • The as seen on tv ad for a used car is sending me 😂
  • I’m more shocked at the price than Let Me Be Famous Linda’s thirsty behavior 😂
  • Wooooow 😮 this is messy af
  • Andy should buy it and use the seats as seats for guests in the clubhouse

Never forget Monica and her mom’s pervious SUV drama:

RHOSLC fans witnessed Linda returning a SUV disguised as “peace offering” to her daughter during the show’s 4th season.

Monica wasn’t having her mom’s manipulation and screamed, “This is our pattern” at Linda.

Linda promised “never to do it again,” but here we are.

Check out Linda’s ad:

Linda’s intentions for selling Monica’s SUV:

After the drama Real Housewives fans witnessed between the one-season-wonder and her mom, Linda wants audiences to know she’s on a journey to improve herself.

In October of 2023 – just after the Easter Dinner From Hell episode aired – Linda posted a reflective message to X.

“A benefit of all this online vitriol is it’s caused me to turn inward and reevaluate my complicity. My behavior.” Promising to learn from her mistakes, Linda acknowledged, “I can level-up and be better. Doing the work.”

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