Love Island USA’s Rob Rausch Made Controversial Prank TikTok Videos Before The Villa

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A resurfaced video of Love Island USA‘s Robert Rausch shows the “snake athlete” being a “menace to society” in a prank video he made in a Walmart. Instagram creator @coccamacocca posted a video of the popular Islander that was seemingly removed from his social media channels.

The video:

The overalls enthusiast that’s circulating the internet features Rob and another member of the @CheekyBoysos TikTok wreaking havoc in Walmart. The boys were dared to “cook a meal inside of Walmart.” They used a foldout table, portable burner stove, frying pan, butter, eggs, and bacon and set up a makeshift kitchen in the toy aisle.


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Love Island fans react:

  • The worst part about this for me is the minimum wage employees that have to deal with his bullshit
  • What is wrong with straight men? I’m sorry that y’all have to date them, I’d choose the bear too.
  • He did not hurt anybody he paid for the materials. It’s actually very funny. Don’t understand why people get butt hurt over this.
  • Yea I don’t like people who make peoples’ jobs harder. Eww
  • This comment section sucks literal ass. This shit is hilarious and you know it. Tom Green vibes. Loosen up. And I’m Team Leah!
That’s not the only cringe video Rob made. The Islander has a (very successful) history of making douchey content online … they have 11.1M followers on TikTok.
@cheekyboyos That’s what I call a turnover 🏆 #NBAPartner @NBA ♬ original sound – the cheeky boyos

@cheekyboyosComment what we should do next 😳♬ original sound – the cheeky boyos

@cheekyboyosComment what we should do next 😂♬ original sound – the cheeky boyos

@cheekyboyosComment what we should do next 😳

♬ original sound – the cheeky boyos

In case you missed it:

Rob, his overalls, and his snake tattoo are behind a lot of the drama in the villa. Host Ariana Madix wasn’t about to give Rob a pass in the Love Island villa after he led Andrea Carmona to believe he would make the grand gesture of leaving Fiji with him. During an appearance on the Housewives Nightcap podcast, the Vanderpump Rules beauty gave insight into the drama surrounding Andrea’s elimination.

Rob “could have left” with Andrea “and he didn’t.” The Broadway star continued, “I didn’t think he was going to leave in the first place. A part of me felt like he shouldn’t leave just because you [shouldn’t] make decisions like that in the heat of the moment. You should give it a day or two and if you still feel like you want to leave, go ahead and leave.” Andrea will “still be in her hotel. She’s still in Fiji. You could give her a couple of days and literally go see her at the hotel. She hasn’t left yet,” reasoned Ariana. “Part of me also felt like I wanted to call his bluff a little bit.”

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