Love Island USA’s Andrea Carmona: Leah [Kateb] “Had A Lot To Say” About Rob Rausch

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Former Love Island USA bombshell, Andrea Carmona, called Leah Kateb out for talking trash about Rob Rausch. On an episode of the Chicks in the Office podcast, Andrea talked about her time in the villa … and what’s transpired since.

When asked how she would feel if Rob and Leah were to re-couple, Andrea responded calmly. (Leah would NEVER!) “At the end of the day, if that is going to happen, it’s going to happen whether I’m there or not. Like, that’s just how the world works.”

Andrea clarified what really happened with the outspoken Islander. The short-lived bombshell explained that Leah spoke poorly about Rob “at the top of her chest.” She reasoned, “I like [Rob], so I could care less. You can say whatever you want. I like him and I’m gonna go by that. That’s your experience with him and that’s fine. I’m sorry that happened to you. But, shit. If it happens to me, you’re like, ‘Whatever.'”

Leah “definitely had a lot to say. I have really thick skin, so I just kind of like blinders- brushed it off.”


In case you missed it:

Andrea told Today, Leah “definitely had her choice of words. She definitely did say a lot of negative things about him. I guess to her defense, if we’re getting technical, she never said it directly to me. But she would yell it very loudly in the dressing rooms as we’re all getting ready to gather. So it’s like she was intently saying these negative things about him.”

“Then, she’ll run back and be like, ‘Oh, but, you know like, I hope it works out with you,’ or like, ‘I hope he treats you different for your sake.’ Things like that. So it felt like it was kind of malicious in that aspect. And I felt like she was just trying to get into my head.”

Fan theory:

LI USA fans – including myself – believe we’ll see Andrea again in Casa Amor … which is just days away. For those of you new to the Love Island universe, ‘Casa Amor’ is known as the ultimate challenge. Without notice, the boys and girls get split into different villas … each with a new batch of bombshells. Will the bombshells shake up the couples, or will separation solidify the relationships they’re already in?

Do you think Andrea and Rob will be given another chance in Casa Amor? What’s your opinion of Leah at this point? Sound off below.