Ariana Madix Wanted To Call Rob’s Bluff After Andrea’s Love Island USA Elimination “He Could Have Left”

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Ariana Madix wasn’t about to give Robert ‘Rob’ Rausch a pass in the Love Island villa after he led Andrea Carmona to believe he would make the grand gesture of leaving Fiji with him. The Love Island USA host was a guest on the Housewives Nightcap podcast and gave insight into the drama surrounding Andrea’s elimination.

It’s Love Island, not Friendship Island:

“Andrea was very solid with Rob for the three to four days that she was in there … which is very short” began the reality tv/Broadway star. “But – that being said – they were magnets to each other. That’s great and that’s lovely. This is not Friendship Island, it’s Love Island. You have to make connections with the other people in the house aside from the person you’ve coupled up with and be open to getting to know other people at all times.”

“You have the person you’re coupled up with, the other Islanders, and you have the audience. The audience put her and Rob in the bottom. From that point, it’s her fellow Islanders who were deciding who’s going home. So, that’s how it goes.”

“I’ve seen many many episodes and many eliminations and many seasons of Love Island across the entire world. I would say that she is definitely not the first person to be chosen to go home who was in a solid couple.”

“Part of me also felt like I wanted to call his bluff a little bit,” added Ariana.

Rob’s reaction:

Rob “could have left” with Andrea “and he didn’t.” The podcast host asked the Vanderpump Rules beauty why she advised Rob not to leave the villa with Andrea.

“I didn’t think he was going to leave in the first place. A part of me felt like he shouldn’t leave just because you [shouldn’t] make decisions like that in the heat of the moment. You should give it a day or two and if you still feel like you want to leave, go ahead and leave.” Andrea will “still be in her hotel. She’s still in Fiji. You could give her a couple of days and literally go see her at the hotel. She hasn’t left yet,” reasoned Ariana.

Love Island fans’ opinions:

  • I feel like that was the ultimate test if he would’ve left or not, and the fact that he didn’t, I agree with Ariana she called his bluff.
  • He is SUCH A DRAMA QUEEN..we knew he wasn’t leaving Fiji or the tv cameras for anything
  • I don’t get why everyone is acting confused about this elimination. It was going to be between Nicole or Andrea regardless. Jana was never going to be sent home. And in my opinion, Nicole deserved to stay bc she made more of an effort to not only play the game, but also interact with her fellow co stars as well, which is something Andrea didn’t do 🤷🏽‍♀️ and it benefitted Nicole in the long run.
  • Bluff called! Rob’s doesn’t just wrangle snakes he is one.

Were you surprised by Andrea’s elimination? Did you think that Rob was really going to leave with her? Sound off below.