Receipts Prove Teresa Giudice’s Husband Louie Ruelas Entangled In Vinivia “Fraud”

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Teresa Giudice‘s husband, Louie Ruelas, and the company he works with, Vinivia, continue to find themselves entangled in legal woes. The controversial Real Housewives of New Jersey stars and Marcello Genovese, the CEO & Co-Founder of Vinivia, continue to rack up unpaid debts and accusations of fraud.

The debt:

A vocal victim of the company, whose Instagram handle is @WifeOfTheParty, explained the latest woe she’s experienced as a result of Vinivia’s shady business practices. “I logged into send Marcello a link because yesterday he was telling someone how he paid on credit card. He did … he made a couple small payments, then he sent another $40,000. It was retracted and didn’t go through. My bank charged me.”

@WifeOfTheParty continued, “So, today when I went to go send him the link to make a payment and give him the opportunity nicely, like, ‘Hey. You can still do this.’ It showed me he charged back the credit card charges. What?! Complete fraud. Fraud. I have proof of everything” even “him saying he owes me. Proof of him making the payment. Showing me when the credit card payments were completed and he charged them back. Any sense of hope that I had is honestly gone.”

How does Louie fit into this:

A former office manager for Vinivia provided insight into the inner-office doings. “The founders are colluding with one of the controversial figures from the Real Housewives of New Jersey and are operating shady businesses together. The founders just really enjoy being involved with questionable, shady characters.”

The receipt:


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Bravo TV fans react to claims of fraud by Louie and Vinivia:

  • This woman has been SCAMMED!!!This is smelling of 🍊🤡 Art of the Deal Masters class valedictorian star pupil 👨‍🎓.
  • I really feel that if Teresa and Louis come back next season it’s because bo deitl found something on Andy cohen when he did the background investigation on him.
  • Because it’s Teresa. We all saw how he is with her during WWHL. He can have all the proof and still praise her. It seems as if she has something on him or something. 🤔 he is giving her the platform for a reason and Louis is just an accesory.
  • Louie is a fraud @bravotv you put him on tv and helped him S C A M more people
  • Coming up to net 60. what’s your contract State? Most contracts are net 30. This is way over small business court claim. Take them to the cleaners😍

Considering the never-ending mess that has become RHONJ, what do you see for the future of the franchise.