Lisa Vanderpump Makes Bold Anti Tom Sandoval And Tom Schwartz Statement During WeHo Pride Festivities

lisa vanderpump lvp tomtom pride week pump sandoval tom schwartz

Lisa Vanderpump supports the LGBTQIA+ community while simultaneously throwing shade at Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz. What a time to be alive!

For context… After Lisa’s restaurant, PUMP, closed its doors, she made the executive decision to move the iconic PUMP sign to TomTom’s exterior. Vanderpump Rules fans saw Tom Sandoval have a temper tantrum over not being consulted as a 5% owner on season 11.

To champion West Hollywood’s Pride 2024 festivities, LVP updated the exterior of TomTom. For the record, here is a photo of the ‘before‘ of TomTom that I took on May 22nd.

pump tomtom weho

PUMP celebrates Pride, but what about TomTom?

Thanks to Instagram creator, @bravooomg, the VanderVerse can see TomTom’s signage obstructed with rainbow colored sheaths. Meanwhile, none of the letters of PUMP were hidden by Pride decor.

Sandoval must be seething. 

Bravo TV fans react:

  • Exactly why LVP pushed the Sandoval redemption arc. For her business. And now that she sees that it failed miserably, she’ll dump them both and rebrand TomTom, to Pump
  • But did she ask Scandoval first lol
  • Lisa has been in the comment section it seems 🤣
  • The new pump and I am here for it!
  • Because ANNUALLY PUMP does this party! 🙄you guys are obsessed with Tom’s! 🤯 Lisa loves and supports them and there is nothing obnoxious team Ariana can do to break that.
  • Of course she did. The woman knows what’s she’s doing. 🤣🤣
  • 🤣 and when the pride flags come down I’m sure the 4th of July Stars and Stripes will be equally carefully placed.

Drop your opinion of LVP covering the TomTom name from the restaurant’s exterior in the comment section.