Lala Kent Relates To Lisa Rinna After Fan Backlash: “You Would Think I Murdered A Litter Of Puppies”

lala kent lisa rinna fan backlash

Lala Kent thinks Bravo TV fans need to “calm down.” On an episode of the Give Them Lala podcast, the expectant mother likened herself to former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Lisa Rinna. Lala finds herself relating to the Days Of Our Lives actress with the backlash she received after the eleventh season of Vanderpump Rules.

A mini Rinna?

“Let me tell you something about Lisa Rinna. I’m obsessed with her. I dig her. A lot of people in the Bravo community come for her, a lot. Still to this day. I’m like, ‘Y’all hold a grudge.’ You got to let it go. You don’t know this woman.” Bravoholics “didn’t like the way that she reacted her final season trying to pit sisters against each other. I’m like, ‘Bitch. We’re making TV.'”

“People have gone on to say that I am becoming Lisa Rinna. Compliment. Thank you. Since leaving the Bravo universe, I only see negativity about her in the Bravo universe. Outside of it, you get out of the vortex of what is the Bravo bubble. The articles, I mean, she was at Vogue World. She’s fucking killing it.”

Does Lala know Lisa has been relevant for decades?

“Every article outside of the vortex is like, since leaving Housewives, Lisa Rinna completely catapulted into actual Hollywood. Her daughter won supermodel of the year. She’s killing it. They were out together in Paris during Vogue World. Just absolutely fabulous. Love to see it. She’s thriving.”

Whether a person likes Rinna or not, she had a career pre-housewives. In fact, she is the only Real Housewife to compete on Dancing With the Stars before her time on Bravo. (Even Kim Fields appeared on DWTS post-Housewives!)

Plus, there’s the 600+ episodes as daytime tv darling, Billie Reed on Days Of Our Lives and Beyond Salem. Another iconic character Rinna portrayed was Taylor McBride on Melrose Place from 1996-1998. Either Lala didn’t know any of the above mentioned information or she chose to breeze over it.

Lala isn’t OWNING IT:

“Yeah, the Bravo universe got to calm down. It’s a lot, man. And I’ve never been on the other side of it. I’ve been on the side of like, people may not dig me, but there’s a lot of people who dig me. Now, I’m on the side of where it’s not like I went out and gave some absurd political view. It’s not like you saw me doing something horrific in an elevator. I literally asked a question, questions [to] someone who got cheated on. Period.”

“You would think I murdered a litter of puppies. The way the Bravo vortex has just fucking turned. And I read Lisa Rinna articles and she’s like, ‘It was wild. Like wild. Still to this day. There’s a lot of hatred that comes from that world.'”

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