Lala Kent Gives Examples Of How Ariana Madix Proved She’s Not A Girl’s Girl Over The Years

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Lala Kent doesn’t want you to forget that Ariana Madix hasn’t always been the girl’s girl she is today. Yet again, Lala’s plan to make the audience empathize with her at another Vanderpump Rules cast member’s expense backfired.

Skeletons in the closet?

The expectant mother dug into the VanderVault to list all of the times she felt Ariana didn’t support other women. “Ariana has not always been this perfect girl’s girl,” began Lala. First, “She didn’t acknowledge me at all when I had a party to celebrate the longevity of the Give Them Lala brand.”

Second, Ariana “has openly stood there while Tom Sandovalher then-boyfriend – had belittled and degraded people like me, people like Stassi [Schroeder]. Additionally, “she watched Charli [Burnett] laugh at me when she was saying I wasn’t a good enough gold digger” after her relationship with Randall Emmett ended.

Lala wondered, “Where are the flashbacks? Y’all do flashbacks of me in my not-proud moments that I’ve apologized for all the time. Can we get the flashback?” Once Lala took a breath, she acknowledged a specific time the editors included an apology from the Broadway actress in an episode.

“I was happy they did the flashback and I was also happy to see they put in [Ariana’s] apology. That was it. It was that simple. We’re all going to get flashbacks. None of us are going to forget our pasts. Let’s have it a level playing field.”

Bravo TV fans react:

  • I feel the difference is that Ariana has evolved over the years. She’s become a better version of herself in front of our eyes. The opposite is true of Lala 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • This is 100% correct. Ariana landed her spot on VPR by f’ing Tom behind Kristen’s back. Shows to the reunion holding his hand, acting like the biggest queen and TOM is her trophy. 😂😂 Doing that in front of Kristen, saying she’s hotter/smarter/funnier than Kristen, etc. Ariana is a drip and Bravo fans stanning her are just a bunch of women who have been scorned for likely being drips as well.
  • Arianna is not responsible for how other people move or make decisions
  • Remember last season when Tom went off on lala for coming for Raquel.. ariana said omg Tom enough with the belittling of women I don’t wanna hear. That’s my flash back. Lala is pulling out the past like Sandoval now
  • Lala’s double down tour will be the end of her.
  • Leave ARIANA alone she supported you when no one did
  • Charli was 💯correct in her assessment.

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