Julia Lemigova Slams ‘Nepo Baby’ Marcus Jordan For His Behavior At RHOM Season 6 Reunion

julia marcus nepo baby

Julia called out nepo baby, Marcus!

Julia Lemigova wasn’t happy with Larsa Pippen‘s on-again boyfriend, Marcus Jordan‘s behavior from the Real Housewives of Miami season 6 reunion.

While filming the reunion, Marcus stunned the cast and Andy Cohen when he said the RHOM cast “wouldn’t be able to do dishes” in his house.

The Russian-born beauty clapped back and even went so far as to call out Marcus for being a nepo baby.

*For those of you under a rock, Marcus’s dad is NBA legend Michael Jordan.*

In an interview with Page Six, Julia explained, “Since leaving a communist country without a dollar to my name, I have had to work hard for everything I have achieved.”

“I will be neither belittled nor degraded by a nepo baby,” she continued, “who’s using our platform to leverage a career for himself.”

In a preview for the RHOM6 reunion, Larsa complains to Watch What Happens Live host about the type of attention her boyfriend gets.

Larsa doesn’t want Marcus to be thought of as a nepo baby:

Larsa spoke for Marcus – who seated with her. “He’s like, ‘My dad’s name keeps being mentioned.'”

“Nobody asks about other people’s dads and moms and like…”

Andy cut off the former Kardashian sidekick to remind her that no one else’s dad is a six-time six NBA finals Most Valuable Player.

Bravo TV fans react to Julia calling Marcus a nepo baby:

  • Get him Julia! Imagine being a nepo baby and still choosing Larsa… says something about him
  • “Now Check That” Julia CLEARED
  • Team Julia. Says a lot about the man Marcus is for dating Larsa. That’s all!
  • Nepo babies are some of the most out of touch unlikeable creatures on earth
  • Julia clocked in with no cameras around 👏
  • The mixture of nepo baby Jordan and sadistic Larsa is quite the pair!!!
  • Looking at Julia eating! I am here for it 😂😂😂
  • Julia said what she said! 👏👏👏

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