Jennifer Aydin’s Alleged Leaked Text Message Show Conspiracy Against “Ick Girl” Danielle Cabral

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Jennifer Aydin allegedly conspired with a blogger to make her Real Housewives of New Jersey co-star, Danielle Cabral, come off as an “Ick Girl.” Instagram’s @RhonjTeaBee shared  screenshots that allege the mother-of-five forced a narrative about Danielle to make her look badly.

For context, @RhonjTeaBee wrote, “Jennifer was envious of Danielle Cabral and her friendship with Teresa Giudice 💯. So during Rhonj s14 Jennifer made it her mission to ruin Danielle. Jennifer’s attempts were beyond desperate and obvious. From lying about Danielle keeping charity money to making glam girls an issue 🥴 Pay attention to how bothered she gets when Teresa defends Danielle 😭. Dolores was right!”

The ‘textes,’ as Teresa Giudice would say:

Blogger–  “Good morning, Jennifer. How are you doing?”

Jen– “Fine. I think we’re going to resume filming. If not today, then tomorrow.”

Blogger– “Danielle as well?”

Jen– “Yup. We both got off on a warning. We got to just be on the lookout. I’m sure people will come out of the woodwork about how badly she’s treated them.”

Blogger– “I’m waiting for the charities to respond. I’m about to post a clip of the lady on TikTok saying she called and went off on her.”

Jen– “Yeah. She thought she was the new ‘It’ girl. More like the new ‘Ick’ girl 🤢.”

Bravo TV fans react:

  • Jen trying to be the IT GIRL but turning out to be the ICK GIRL
  • She’s a jealous slob because she knows Danielle is way better than her!🔥😂
  • Jenn has it out for anyone who can possibly come between her & Teresa
  • I just canceled my bravo subscription..I do not condone bullying, lying, physical abuse, theives, pitting women against women and debauchery
  • Jennifer Aydin is pathetic
  • They sound like teenagers. So f’ing psychotic


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In case you missed it:

Because of the cast division, the Jersey housewives cast was forced to have two separate panels at Bravo Con 2023. Also, for the first time in the franchise’s history, RHONJ will not have a reunion. People confirmed, “For the first time in the history of the East Coast-based reality series, there will not be a traditional reunion.”

“A reunion is meant to have resolution and it’s clear in the season final that there is no path forward in that type of setting.” Thankfully for the cast, “The network is figuring out a different concept to wrap up the season,” so there will be some form of conclusion to the season/series. Andy Cohen has since gone on the record claiming the finale will give the audience a sense of closure in place of a reunion.

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