Dorinda Medley Worries The RHONY Reboot Cast Would Be Overwhelmed At Bluestone Manor

dorinda rhony reboot bluestone manor

Dorinda Medley worries the Real Housewives of New York reboot cast would find themselves overwhelmed at her iconic home, Bluestone Manor.

Dorinda is NOT making it nice:

During an interview with Page Six, Dorinda challenged the RHONY newbies to live like a Legacy cast member by taking them to the Bezerkshires Berkshires. “We should send those new girls up there for a night and see how they fare.”

Sarcastically, Dorinda added, “We wouldn’t want to overwhelm anybody” from the reboot cast at Bluestone Manor.

Bravo TV fans react:

  • I’d pay good money to see jenna lyons witness a dornado and a drunk naked sonja in the pool
  • She need to stop begging to be rehired Chile
  • I truly love Dorinda. She had her opportunity to redeem herself during UGT. She failed miserably. Time to move on.
  • I’m here for messy AF Dorinda and the reboot cast at Bluestone Manor
  • Dorinda and the reboot cast at Bluestone Manor needs to happen please and thank you
  • She is the new Jill Zarin
  • No one wants to go to that dungeon miss mamas
  • She’s startin

In case you missed the drama with Dorinda, Bluestone Manor, and the reboot cast:

Erin Lichy from the Real Housewives of NY reboot was a guest on Access Hollywood’s podcast and called the recent Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip to St. Baths (aka Scary Island) “cute. Clearly, being called “cute” didn’t sit well with Dorinda and her RHONY reboot cast mates.

Kristen Taekman took to social media to give a PSA on how to respectfully talk about women in their 40s and above. “Cute is not the first word that comes to mind when describing RHONY Legacy.” She continued, “Maybe that’s the first word you use in your 20s and 30s, but when you’re in your 40s, 50s, and 60s, you use words like, “hot, sexy, stunning.” Kristen recommended Erin “watch all the episodes” for the full scope of the season. “Just saying.”

Would you like to see Dorinda film with the RHONY reboot cast at Bluestone Manor?