Deborah Williams Files Countersuit Against Keiarna Stewart After Brawl On RHOP

rhop keiarna deborah fight lawsuit countersuit

Deborah Williams is countersuing Keiarna Stewart after their physical altercation while filming Real Housewives of PotomacTV Deets reported Deborah denied all ($10M worth of) charges against her while villainizing Keiarna in the process.

The countersuit:

Court documents filed with the DC Superior Court state, “It is obvious that Counter-Defendant Ms. Keiarna Stewart craves fame. She craves attention. So much so that she is willing to do just about anything to have her name broadcast on television and across social media. This includes instigating a fight, having that fight recorded, then sending the video of the fight to TMZ for it to be viewed on TV all over the world.”

The counter complaint alleges Keiarna “orchestrated” the assault and battery complaint seen on RHOP. “In the reality drama she has brought before the Court, Ms. Stewart is a not the victim; in fact, she’s the villain. In the true story, Ms. Stewart is not the protagonist. She’s the antagonist. The facts will show that Ms. Stewart, with her insatiable desire to be known, orchestrated all the events outlined in her own Complaint and in this Counter complaint. And in the end, the Court will see, indeed, the country will see, that Ms. Williams is the innocent party who has been severely damaged by Ms. Stewart.”

Show me the money:

While Keiarna seeks $10 million in her case, Deborah asked for “$3 million plus punitive damages, interest, and costs for the assault and battery in response to Count 1, assault and battery. When it comes to Count 2, intentional infliction of emotional distress,” Deborah wants $3 million dollars “plus fees” in addition to $1 million “and costs” for defamation. In total, Deborah’s countersuit totals about $7 million.

In case you missed it:

Deborah’s side of the story alleges Candiace taunted her at Ashley and Gizelle Bryant’s gNa launch. “Like Keiarna’s original complaint, Deborah confirms that she and Candiace exchanged words with her the entire night before the physical altercation began. ‘Throughout this event, Ms. Bassett’s verbal attacks were exceptionally vicious towards Ms. Williams. The name calling and instigation was abnormally excessive—seemingly intentionally provocative.’”

Deborah claimed Candiace picked up a bottle of champagne “as if to throw it at” her. Simultaneously, “Keiarna escalated her defense of Candiace, punching Deborah ‘square in the face.'” The counter claim states “Deborah had never met Keiarna before the night in question and doesn’t understand her involvement in the first place.”


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For the camera?

Deborah’s attorneys are also accusing Keiarna for “staging” the fight. She noted that Bravo cameras were reportedly down at the time of the incident. But, someone at the party was able to record the entire fight and leak it to TMZ.” It’s being investigated if the leaker has any connection to the party/parties who allegedly staged the scuffle.

Whose side do you think the judges will take? Drop Team Keiarna or Team Deborah below.