Captain Lee Rosbach: “Carl [Radke] And I Used To Be Close.” Find Out Why Their Friendship Sank

captain lee carl radke used to be friends

Captain Lee Rosbach disclosed what negatively affected his friendship with Summer Houses Carl Radke. During an episode of the Salty with Captain Lee podcast, the legendary Below Deck captain discussed recent headlines about Carl’s split from Lindsay Hubbard.

“I’m going to say something,” began the host of Oxygen True Crime‘s Deadly Waters with Captain Lee. “Carl and I used to be close. I gave Carl an opportunity to be on the podcast and tell it as he saw it.” He explained that he gave Carl control of the edit. “If he wanted [something] taken off, we took it off. If there was something he didn’t want to answer, we didn’t put him on the spot. We didn’t hang him up to dry. It was a softball interview if I have ever seen one. Because I never would have done anything intentionally to put Carl on the spot.”

“We didn’t air it because he asked us not to … or demanded that we not. We never aired anything about Carl and we never had a discussion about him before now. The only reason we are having now is because of the stuff I am reading. I don’t believe everything that I read but I do believe some that I see.”

“He got the best possible interview from anybody that he was ever going to get. I gave him the opportunity to tell his side of the story the way he wanted. He didn’t have to say anything he felt uncomfortable with. [Carl] ended up hanging up on me after accusing me of deceiving him.”

“So Mr. Radke, you were not deceived by me.” Never forget, Captain Lee supported Carl while he became sober(ish). Lee and his wife lost their youngest son to an accidental overdose.

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