Billie Lee Accused Kyle Of Drugging Tom Sandoval, Billie Lee Asked Sandoval For His Sperm & His Last Name, And More From Kyle Chan And Victoria Lee Robinson

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Victoria Lee Robinson and Kyle Chan appeared on YouTube’s Up & Adam to counter the claims Tom Sandoval‘s former friend, Billie Lee made on her podcast and social media. Since Sandoval is filming season 3 of The Traitors in Scotland, his GF and BFF teamed up to keep their names in the media defend Tom.

Simply put, this interview was chaotic. My head hurts from 90 minutes of Kyle and Victoria Lee (VL) talk in circles about Billie Lee (BL), who has been dragging them in the media for days. The conversation went nowhere quick and was redundant AF. I did my best to pick out the key points, but this was challenging to follow. You can watch the full interview at the bottom of the article, if you dare.

Victoria and Kyle’s interview highlights:

  1. Victoria said Billie Lee would sleep over at Tom’s house when he was out of town, and slept in his bed.
  2. VL never stormed into Tom’s house expecting to see him in the act with Billie Lee, as BL claimed.
  3. Kyle said Billie Lee’s friendship with Tom turned possessive and obsessive.
  4. Kyle “respects” Billie Lee. “She’s a very pretty girl.” But, claims she plays the ‘trans card.’ Kyle makes it clear he wants Billie Lee to be healthy and safe.
  5. Did you move Ariana Madix‘s things out of the primary bedroom? Victoria answered, “Absolutely not. It is not my place. I would never want anyone touch my things if I was in that position. I would never touch Ariana’s things.”
  6. VL hasn’t met Ariana or Logan (who BL said VL got to move Ariana’s things) Victoria does respect Ariana, though.
  7. Billie Lee claimed there were drugs in Tom’s house since he’s dating VL. Kyle said Tom felt mentally well enough to start drinking around the time of their Thailand trip and it had nothing to do with Victoria.
  8. Kyle doesn’t think Sandoval and Billie Lee hooked up … He said he would know if they did. Victoria low-key smirked, “I don’t think Tom wants to hook up with her.”
  9. In regards to Victoria slurring her words, Victoria said she was in a “really bad car accident” that affected her speech. “I have a speech impediment.” Her speech patterns are not from drugs or alcohol as BL claimed.
  10. Billie Lee planned an intervention for Tom, but said Kyle was behind it to get people to come.
  11. Victoria admits she and Tom were fighting, which all came back to Billie Lee trying to isolate him from his friends and starting drama.
  12. Billie Lee told Victoria not to trust Kyle. BL said Kyle tried to drug Tom and take advantage of him.
  13. Re: the mass unfollowing on Instagram before Tom’s Watch What Happens Live appearance … Victoria explained that they let Billie Lee unfollow them first, then they unfollowed her.
  14. Victoria said, “I don’t do drugs. She’s a bully.”
  15. Billie Lee wanted Tom’s sperm and the ‘Sandoval’ last name – she told everyone, even Karamo from Queer Eye. This was a “big reason” Sandoval didn’t want to continue a friendship with Billie Lee
  16. Kyle says he could sue Billie Lee for slander – it could hurt his business, but he doesn’t want to.
  17. The host asked since Tom is filming The Traitors and he doesn’t have access to his phone, is that why they think Billie Lee is talking? That way Tom can’t refute her claims? Kyle and Victoria agreed BL was doing talking for press. Victoria mentioned Billie Lee’s following grows when she talks about Victoria.
  18. Is this all content for season 12? They hope so – that way Billie Lee isn’t evil, just thirsty.
  19. Is there resolution to this feud with Billie Lee? Neither Kyle nor VL would speak for Tom, but Kyle said was always really cautious with BL. He thinks his close friendship with Tom is why Billie Lee doesn’t like him.
  20. Kyle feels bad for Billie Lee having to “position” herself like this – she should put this energy into her comedy.
  21. Is there a path forward for Victoria and Billie Lee? No. She crossed a boundary that went too far.
  22. Victoria wants Billie Lee to leave her alone.
  23. Victoria takes care of her father (who has memory loss) and has her own house that she moved into late last year.
  24. Does Victoria have a job? She left her modeling agency about a month ago. She started modeling at age 19. “I worked my ass off to get where I am now.” She’s currently busy caring for her dad.
  25. Can Victoria be around Billie Lee Lee if Tom wants to forgive her? Victoria won’t forgive Billie Lee because of what she said about Kyle (drugging Tom to take advantage of him – the “silver bullet” of the interview.)
  26. Billie Lee texted Kyle about going on the YouTube live with Victoria and tried to get him to cancel because Victoria isn’t to be trusted.
  27. Billie Lee said her manager told her to make a public statement that she’s not friends with Tom anymore.
  28. Billie Lee wanted Tom to fire his cousin/assistant.
  29. Kyle wants people to be kind to BL, he and Victoria are just protecting themselves.
  30. Kyle will sue BL if she continues to slander him
  31. VL didn’t want it to end this way with Billie Lee. Tom is scared of BL, so he didn’t want to comment.
**If I missed something or made an error, please drop a comment and I will correct it when my ears stop ringing.**

Bravo TV fans popped off in the comments:

  • ​​Billie had her say and she was bashing everyone so…
  • These are the people giving Sandoval support/advice. Shocker that he’s had no growth. 🤣
  • ​​Billie really put herself on the line befriending Tom at the worst time in the public eye.
  • ​​This is PAINFUL to watch. Observation, Victoria seems checked out
  • ​​Billie has been using the trans card for Yearrrrrsssss
  • ​​I am awaiting Billies response to this
  • ​​Honestly Billie started this, its giving cringe on Billie. But we love drama.. so thanks Billie 🤣🤣🤣
  • ​​I thought this was supposed to be Victoria talking.
  • ​​I’m now considering this to be Kyle & Victorias VPR Season 12 audition
  • IT’S ABOUT THE PASTA!!! ❄️🍝😂

What’s your opinion of Kyle and Victoria’s interview? Do you believe them or Billie Lee? Sound off below.