The Toms Were Caught On A Double Date With Jo Wenberg And Rachel Leviss Pre-Scandoval

the toms rachel jo double date

The Toms were caught on a double date with Jo and Rachel pre-Scandoval!

On an episode of the Disrespectfully podcast, Katie Maloney and Dayna Kathan detail the time they (unknowingly) caught Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz on a double date with Jo Wenberg and Rachel [formerly Raquel] Leviss.

The Toms’ double date with Jo and Rachel:

Katie began, “We saw Tom, Raquel, Schwartz, and Jo at a bar. We thought it was weird behavior for them to all be hanging out together,” added the Vanderpump Rules star.

“I don’t know that would’ve ever been talked about like this publicly,” noted Dayna. “So, context for that … It was right before my nose job. So, it was late summer of 2022.”

“Anyway, we go there and me and [a friend] and in walk Tom and Tom, Jo, and Raquel. At the time, I thought it was more of a Schwartz and Raquel thing, but it was Sandoval, Schwartz and Raquel sitting next to Sandoval and Joe sitting next to Schwartz.”

That’s when the Toms’ double date with Jo and Rachel seemingly ended. “The second they saw us – they were there for, like, 20 minutes – Raquel and Jo ran out. Then, the Tom ran out without saying anything to us.”

“There’s a big screen in the bar that shows the parking lot and we saw them, like, arms flailing, everyone looking panicky. It was super weird.”

“Then, Tom and Tom came back and came up to us and were, like, ‘hey’ as they didn’t see us. So, at that time, not once to cross my mind, Raquel and Tom are sleeping together. It was just a weird incident. But, obviously, knowing what we know now, I look back at that, and, oh. Ok.”

Bravo TV fans react:

  • They are a quartet of scumbags.
  • You are seriously a bunch of pathetic losers. How depressing must be to be you. .
  • We get it Katie you don’t like Jo. Does that mean you have to be rude and nasty? You don’t like her because her and Tom hooked up, it has nothing to do with her knowing about Raquel and Sandoval
  • My new fav timestamp, “It was right before my nose job.”
  • This entire cast is exactly how not to be if you want real friends, real relationships and good times.

What’s your opinion of the Toms going on a double date with Jo and Rachel?

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