Lala Kent Salutes Jo Wenberg’s Handling Of Scheana Shay Invading Her Personal Space And Feeling Bullied

lala bully jo scheana

Lala Kent praised Jo Wenberg for how she handled herself when Scheana Shay violated her personal space and felt bullied.

During an episode of the Give Them Lala podcast, the outspoken Vanderpump Rules star acknowledged how Tom Schwartz‘s friend/fling must have felt on the episode called Kiss Kiss Revenge Bang.

Lala began, “Jo was feeling very uncomfortable and I could tell she felt uncomfortable. Scheana, I don’t think has it in her [to be a bully]. She’s very shady at times. It doesn’t hit like shade. It hits different.” But, “I don’t find her to be a bully.”

“I do feel like Jo felt bullied in that moment where it was the five of us [Ariana, Katie, Ally, Scheana, and Lala]. We’re all dressed the way we’re dressed which looks like a very intimidating group of people.”

The VPR personality detailed, “You’ve got Scheana who is pulling [Jo’s] hat off at the very beginning being like, ‘Show your braids.'”

“I really give props to Jo. She said, ‘If you remove my hat – I’m not violent – I’m punching you in the fucking face. You touch my hat. I’m punching you in the face.'”

“It’s just completely inappropriate. I love Sheesh, but you fucking touch my hat … I’m taking your head off. A hat for a head, bitch.”

Bravo TV fans react to Lala commenting on Jo feeling bullied:

  • Jo kept the big secret. That is why Scheana has hostility towards her.
  • Katie and Ariana hated jo from way back before the dinner. It’s mean girl b.s. grow up
  • The person who treated her the worst is Schwartz.
  • Have we changed the definition of bullying in the dictionary cause….
  • Leave Jo alone. We remember Scheana’s ugly leather ball cap.
  • I’m so sick of Mother Teresa Lauren from Utah. Bytch you were right there bullying Jo

In case you missed it:

The Valley’s Kristen Doute gave insight into why the female Pump Rules cast members don’t like Jo. She told Scheana “When you were in New York, Jo sent a chatty chat to Ariana, Tom Sandoval, and Raquel. It said, I love you all I care about all of you, and it’s really difficult for me right now.”

“Also, right before she started trying to fuck Tom Schwartz, she’s texting Katie Maloney, Tom’s ex-wife saying, ‘I love you, my fellow, Justin Bieber lover.’ She would never reach out to Tom and say, can I cut your hair?’”

“She’d reach out to Katie even when they were already divorced. ‘I would love to cut Tom’s hair. Katie, you mean the world to me.’ Blah blah blah.”

Nevertheless, the girls (minus Ally) believe Jo is fake and that’s why she’s not liked.

Do you agree with Lala that Jo was not being bullied?

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