Stassi Schroeder Says Vanderpump Rules Negatively Affected Her Views on Marriage

Stassi Schroeder Marriage VPR

Stassi Schroeder revealed to her sister that Vanderpump Rules negatively affected how she views relationships.

During Stassi’s “Shooting the Sh*t” podcast episode with her younger sister Georgianna Aubin, Stassi opened up about how the show changed her perspective on marriage.


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Vanderpump Rules was nothing but complaining about your significant other,” the New York Times Best Selling author began. “Who’s hurting who, who’s fighting with who.”

The segment opened with Schroeder mentioning her discomfort in asking married couples the health of their relationship. Even though her world is “surrounded in divorce” her default is to assume everyone is “doing good” in their marriages.

“I haven’t thought that anyone would want to hear the good.”

“I have a lot of inner turmoil, what is wrong with me? There’s a lot of conflict in here,” Schroeder joked.

However, Aubin jumped to her big sister’s defense.

“Vanderpump,” her sister joked.

Despite Schroeder’s firing in 2020, Stassi maintains leaving VPR was the best thing for her.

“It’s crazy how that show did a number on me.”

“The more and more I’m out of it, the more I’m like ‘that’s not real life, that’s not how life works.’”

Aubin revealed that due to Schroeder’s personality change once being cast, their relationship suffered.

“I never watched the show,” Aubin began.

“That’s not my sister, that’s not who she is, and everything everyone is saying about her is wrong.”

In case you missed it, Schroeder coined the phrase “dark passenger” to describe her VPR persona while on the show.

“I didn’t even want to see that version of you.”

The sister duo jokingly agreed that leaving Vanderpump Rules, and marrying Beau Clark, were the two best things that happened to her.

Listen to the full episode, below!

Do you agree with Stassi Schroeder that Vanderpump Rules casts a negative view on marriage?