Rachel Leviss’s Lawsuit Reveals Production Edited Out Tom Sandoval’s Admission Of Crimes

rachel lawsuit tom sandoval

Rachel Leviss‘s lawsuit slams the Vanderpump Rules production team for covering Tom Sandoval‘s crime. 

When evidence of Tom’s affair with the former beauty pageant surfaced, the saga rocked the Bravosphere … and the headlines.

Unfortunately for Rachel, it appears the truth was manipulated by Sandoval and Bravo TV/Evolution to protect the karaoke enthusiast’s image.

Details from the legal docs:

“On March 4, 2023, the day after news of the affair had broken, production directed Leviss to film with Sandoval at her Los Angeles apartment. With cameras rolling, Leviss confronted Sandoval for secretly recording, pornographic videos of her and storing them unprotected on his phone.”

“Sandoval had not only invaded her privacy and breached her trust, but it also left her enormously vulnerable to a nightmare scenario of the videos leaking on the internet.”

ICYMI- Kristen Doute exposed the contents of the sexually explicit video!

Tom’s reaction:

“Sandoval responded to Leviss‘s fury with cowardice and lies, claiming falsely that he had obtained permission to record her. Seeing that Leviss was having none of it, however, Sandoval ultimately offered a reluctant mission and sheepish apology.”

“Sandoval was clearly rattled. After his filming ended, an erratic and unsettled Sandoval refused to leave Levisa’s apartment in spite of her request.”

“Leviss was forced to have her sister and brother-in-law pick her up and drive her to their home.”

“That day, Leviss retained an attorney to mitigate the risk of the illicit videos leaking. Once at her sister’s home Leviss turned her phone off for two days, hoping the heat would die down.”

Sandoval and the network are in cahoots to cover up the crime indicated in the lawsuit:

“However, report suggests Sandoval was in a panic all over the on camera confrontation with Leviss. Specifically, he was concerned that being accused of recording nonconsensual pornography would ‘paint him in negative light.'”

“Sandoval reportedly threatened to cease all further filming for the show unless he was granted editing rights over the scene.”

“Shockingly, Bravo and Evolution obliged his demand. The scene was selectively edited to admit mention of Sandoval’s illicit recording or Leviss’s lack of consent.”

“This was part of a pattern and practice of Bravo and Evolution throwing Leviss under the bus in favor of Sandoval. Recording someone engaged in sex act without their consent is a crime, and Sandoval appears to have admitted to it on camera.”

“Portraying the confrontation as it actually occurred instead of protecting sleazy, Sandoval would not only have been truthful, it would’ve also been ‘good television.’ But Bravo and Evolution had apparently decided that Leviss would be their sacrificial lamb. Throughout the ordeal, they have sanitized the story to ensure Levis would be seen as the arch-villain.”

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