DWTS’s Rylee Arnold And Harry Jowsey Unfollowed Each Other On Instagram – Find Out Why

rylee arnold harry jowsey dwts unfollowed each other Instagam

Harry Jowsey and his Dancing With the Stars partner, Rylee Arnold have unfollowed one another on Instagram, and the Too Hot To Handle hunk spilled why!

The 26-year-old YouTuber threw his 18-year-old professional dance partner under the proverbial bus while commenting on a social media post. According to Harry, the drama began when he was booked to film a seemingly steamy video and podcast gig. Rylee “was liking shady comments about me” which didn’t sit well with Harry as “the ‘Get back with an ex’ video is in collaboration with a network to start a marketing rollout strategy … which she was also aware of.”

Harry continued, “We had discussed everything about the podcast before I filmed it and what was going to be in it. I have the camera footage from my living room to prove it.”

In case you missed it:

During an episode of Boyfriend Material, Harry dropped a bomb regarding his relationship with Rylee. We “set boundaries from the start. I told her, ‘I’m not the right guy for you. I love and care enough about you to tell you that.'”

“I’m so sorry if this breaks some hearts, but I’m here to confirm once and for all … Rylee and I have never been in any type of relationship. We never leaned into it. We were never putting on an act or anything like that. It was just organic. What you saw is how it was – just an amazing love and friendship and just an amazing bond that we had together.”

DWTS fans react:

  • He needs to leave sweet Rylee alone and stop trying to make her look bad
  • How funny, that EVERY women he interacts with seems to be the villain of the story and him the saint 🤣 I’m thinking of a word and it rhymes with “schmarcissist”
  • Ew to the camera footage…does he just have rolling cameras in his home?
  • It’s already 2024 and people have not realized that HARRY IS THE PROBLEM?!?!
  • I just dont understand i highly doubt he told her what he was going to say on the podcast

What’s your opinion of the Harry/Rylee saga?