Production Is “Scrambling” With How To Proceed With RHONJ Reunion “For Fear Of What Else Might Come Out”

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Rumors continue to circulate regarding the season 14 reunion of Real Housewives of New Jersey. Considering the cast is unable to be in same room together without chaos ensuing, this is not surprising to many Bravoholics. As if the decade-long feud between Teresa Guidice and her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga wasn’t enough, we have Jennifer Aydin and Danielle Cabral physically brawling on top of it.

With Teresa using (admittedly) Jackie Goldschneider against Margaret Josephs, Rachel Fuda becoming closer friends with Melissa, and Dolores Catania acting as ‘Switzerland,’ both fans and production seems to be without a clue on how best to proceed with this cast.

Alleged clarification to a rumor:

Instagram creator @TheRealityBitch shared her reaction to news that the RHONJ season 14 ‘reunion’ was going to be two separate watch parties of the cast’s live reactions to the finale. “Sounds dumb as hell,” wrote the snarky creator. Reminds me of BravoCon. 🤢 And to think these women claim to be ‘strong’ but can’t sit in a room with each other.”

@KrissyBalls slid into @TheRealityBitch‘s DMs to clarify what she’s heard of the upcoming conclusion of season 14. “They are doing a reunion. Separately. No men. They are scrambling. They don’t want to put this group together for fear of what else might come out.”

Bravo TV fans react:

  • Their egos have officially become too big for the show. If Ariana can sit in front of Raquel and Tom, Lindsey can sit across from Carl etc then these women should be able to sit in the same room for a reunion.
  • I can’t blame any of them for not wanting to be in a room with Louie after he had a private investigator come after them.
  • It is ridiculous that they can not sit in a room and speak to each other with Andy there. If they can’t do it, then end the show. No reunion, no new season.
  • This is why they need a complete reboot like NYC.

In case you missed it:

It’s been alleged the non-traditional RHONJ reunion wrapping up season 14 is slated to film July 15th at the now-infamous Rails Steakhouse. The reunion’s rumored format, unfortunately, left Bravoholics disappointed.

“On July 15th, the alternative reunion will be filmed! The two sides will watch the finale scene at Rails separately and provide commentary.” Seemingly, they are going to do a split-panel … much like they did at BravoCon 2023. This time, Team Giudice and her camp will  be recorded watching the finale. In addition to getting real-time reactions, the cast will be able to speak their piece without interruption. Alternatively, Team Gorga will watch the same finale scene for real-time reactions and commentary.

For the record, this leak from @RHONJobsessed was never confirmed.

What’s your opinion of the current state of affairs of the Garden State? What do you think we’ll get as closure to season 14 of RHONJ? Sound off below.