Real Housewives Of New Jersey Live Discussion Season 14 Episode 5 ‘Glitz & Blitz’

real housewives of new jersey rhonj live discussion

RHONJ Live Discussion

Season 14 Episode 5  ‘Glitz & Blitz

What to expect on Real Housewives Of New Jersey:

  • Dolores Catania mulls over the next steps in her relationship with Paulie
  • Margaret Josephs emotionally reflects on the strain in her marriage caused by Jan’s sudden passing
  • Rachel Fuda and Teresa Giudice argue in defense of their husbands


In case you missed it:

RHONJ won’t get a season 14 reunion. People confirmed, “For the first time in the history of the East Coast-based reality series, there will not be a traditional reunion.” A source spilled, “A reunion is meant to have resolution and it’s clear in the season final that there is no path forward in that type of setting.” Thankfully for the cast, “The network is figuring out a different concept to wrap up the season,” so there will be some form of conclusion to the season/series.

Since the cast is incapable of behaving professionally, there were two separate panels for the Real Housewives of NJ cast at BravoCon 2023. While the first panel was a snooze fest, the second was a disaster, but thrilling to watch. Jennifer Aydin was (hilariously) asked if she could possibly crawl further up Teresa Giudice‘s ass. Rather than responding with wit or light shade, the mother of five chose to body shame and misgender Gabby From Philly. 

Caught corroborating with blogs: 

There was a leak from Bravo and Cocktails that the network scrapped the show’s highly-anticipated reunion before it was announced. “No season 14 RHONJ reunion. Wonder who leaked this? Who’s podcast was B&C on again🤔? That’s right, Melissa [Gorga]‘s podcast. Bravo and Cocktails can delete it all they want, but the internet is forever 😝.”

It appeared B&C didn’t want the news to leak as they would be named as the source. “Please don’t post outside of cocktail party. We will terminate cocktail subscriptions if exclusives are posted outside of the subscription site. We appreciate you respecting our terms.”

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