Pay To Get “Relationship Advice” From Rachel Leviss, The Woman Behind Scandoval, On Cameo

rachel leviss relationship advice cameo

Former Vanderpump Rules star, Rachel Leviss, took to her Instagram story to promote her return to Cameo. The former beauty pageant contestant offers “relationship advice” for $219. This is a new level of delulu, oven for Rachel.

For context- Cameo is a website that connects fans directly to public figures through personalized videos that range in a variety of price points.

Rachel, who features both Bravo and VPR on her Cameo bio, shared “I’d love to made a personalized video for your friends and family!” Tom Sandoval‘s former side piece has earned 4.93 stars from 44 Cameo reviews to date. Rachel records her videos typically within 24 hours and records videos about 65 seconds long.

Rachel’s now-expired story gave her followers a heads up on her latest cash grab. “Hey guys. I just wanted to let you know that I am bookable on Cameo. So, if you want to swipe up and book me, we’re doing Father’s Day videos, birthday videos. Just, a hello, how are you, I miss you videos. A little pep talk, a little relationship advice, if you see fit. A little cheer-up, I gotchu.”

“Relationship advice” has me clutching my pearls. 

Bravo TV fans react:

  • Major follower decrease which I’m sure is accompanied by a decrease in podcast streams. A rocky/rachel/raquel’s gotta make some money 💰
  • Relationship advice? That’s a big no thanks from me. But where is this girl’s family? If they cared, they’d be jumping out the bushes, throwing a net over her, and carting her a$$ off to an involuntary hold.
  • who’d actually pay for this? She can’t even give a proper toast 🥂
  • Why is she still using VPR? I thought that she was DONE with the show! I know that is what her whole podcast is based on, but seriously, Rachel/Raquel/Rocky, let it go

What’s your opinion of Rachel booking Cameos post-Scandoval? Drop your thoughts below.