Former LHHH Star Masika Kalysha Faked Her Own Kidnapping

Masika donned faux bruises and cuts to gain paid members to her Only Fans account.

August 26, 2020 10:55am

Prepare to cringe.

Masika Kalysha may have out-Kardashianed the Kardashians for most tone deaf prank of 2020.

The former Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star posted a video of herself, covered in cuts and bruises (which all ended up being make up), crying that she had been kidnapped.

Believe it or not, Masika posted a second video that was even more bizarre, yet even more offensive to some.

I’m at a loss of words on this one.

Video 1:

Though this was a staged video, it may be triggering for some. 

The LHHH alum either propped her device up or had someone film a ransom video so she could she could show off the FAKE bruising on her left shoulder, derriere and face, as well as faux scratches on her arms and lips.

Masika started the video crying as she pleaded, “I gotta hurry up guys.” Looking over her shoulder and turning to reveal bruises and cuts on her backside, she continued, “Guys I got beat up.”

(Quick aside- I’d like to add that the video features quick edits that appear to have been created using either Tik Tok or Instagram Reels features.)

Back to the video…

After insinuating she was being held against her will WITH significant scratches and bruising, the video takes a turn for the bizarre when she added, “They said you guys have to leave me tips and follow me so they can take the money or they’re not gonna let me go.”

The caption of the Instagram post said, “I’ve been kidnapped. I’m in a warehouse somewhere. Idk where! I’m so scared! They took all my money and they want more! Please! Help me! Click the link in my bio & subscribe to my only fans and tip me so they’ll let me go!! They’re coming! [sic]”

(Another quick aside- Masika’s video was shared to her Instagram stories, where the ‘swipe up’ feature was used to expedite the process of gaining monetary donations from fans/followers.)

The video has since been deleted from her page, but screen grabs will live forever. Here is the original video that was shared to Insta stories. Watch for yourself!

This is beyond disrespectful to actual victims of abuse and kidnapping- shame on Masika.

Video 2:

A follow-up video was posted to Masika’s IGTV channel featuring a non-apology. Oh, and she managed to dig her metaphorical grave even deeper, so sit down for this…

In the second video, Masika was clad in a white bathrobe, still wearing her hair in a long braid and her ‘camera makeup.’ She tells her audience that she used the ‘shock factor’ strategy to get attention for the message she allegedly wanted to get across. Again, there was no apology, only an, ‘I’m sorry if I scared you but ….’ statement.

Can I point out how grossly obvious the knock-on-the-door-you’re-needed-on-set call was? I bet Masika paid a pretty penny for that favor!

The project:

According to the Daily Mail, “the unknown project she is working on is focused on child sex trafficking and in preparation for the show she did research into the crimes.”

In the second video, Masika stated, “I’ve joined forces with the R.O.S.E. Organization, I need you guys to follow them, they are doing great things to rescue children and women that have been sex trafficked and I’ll be posting a lot more about this… But as a mother, it’s hard for me to even really speak about.”

The R.O.S.E. acronyn stands for ‘Restore Overcame Sexual Exploitation.‘ The non-profit provides ‘essentials needed for women and children of color,’ as well as all victims.

The backpedaling continues:

Still, Masika has yet to apologize to victims of violence and kidnapping. The only time Masika used the word ‘apologize’ was to let her fans know her intention wasn’t to scare them. (What other emotion did a kidnap ransom video did Masika try to trigger, I wonder….) “I apologize if I scared you guys but please, please, please follow the R.O.S.E. Organization for more information.”

The cherry on top was Masika’s final statement, “I meant well so I hope no ones too shaken up.”

Once Masika’s scandal began to trend, she posted this to the ‘gram.


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“Your exuberant enthusiasm, your life story and an established trajectory of committing to serve others is most honorable. You are the kind of person we need on our platform. More important, you are who the world needs to see to heal broken hearts and restore the lives of women, children and men to wholeness.“ These were the beautiful words that welcomed me to to the board of advisors at @r.o.s.e._organization hmm. My platform is what you wanted until you got it & saw how difficult it is to stand firm and maintain your purpose while others try to tear you down. This is my daily life. I take the bricks thrown at me and build mansions. Toni you allowed the negative comments to supersede the end goal: saving lives and rescuing women and children. @tonidrivera I understand how difficult it is to stand firm under pressure, especially when you’re not used to the type of social media bullying that I receive on a daily basis, so I’m not upset at the fear you’re displaying. It’s hot. Yes. But the same hot water that hardens an egg softens a potato. I thank God that I harden in the fire while others that walk beside me soften. That does not make them weak, it simply means that we shouldn’t be in the same pot. Even though you took your very 1st moment of press to turn on me, instead of using it to bring awareness, I’m very happy that you have the spot light because the heart of your organization is beautiful, and I still stand firm in my support with @r.o.s.e._organization and its efforts to save victims of human trafficking. It is with great sadness that I am choosing to step down from the advisory board, but this will NOT slow down my efforts in this battle. Respectfully -MK

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Masika is working really hard on making excuses instead of simply apologizing and doing better. Is it just me, or does that say a lot about her character?!

Do you think Masika will ever acknowledge how grossly insensitive her kidnapping stunt was and give a heart felt apology? Drop your opinion off in the comments!

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