Lala Kent Was Approached To Appear On Season 2 Of The Traitors – She’s Open To Future Casting

lala kent the traitors

Lala Kent threw her hat into the ring for future casting on The Traitors … after she turned down being on season 2. During an Amazon Live, Lala would be open to going to Scotland to play the game of deception and muurrrrdeeerrrr – if her schedule aligns with filming.

“The timing would have to be different. Season 2, they had approached me to gauge my interest on joining. The timing was really hard. So, I never really saw no to opportunity. Also, I feel like Traitors would be really fun. I’m excited to see season 3 because I feel they have a really good cast.”

In an attempt to trick Bravoholics to believe she doesn’t live in the comments, Lala pretended she didn’t know Sandoval had been cast. “You guys told me last Amazon Live that Tom Sandoval is on it this season, season 3.” Lala thinks it would be “tough” competing against Tom. Lala reasoned, “If they gave him a Traitor, it would be too obvious. But if they gave him a Faithful, it wouldn’t be obvious. So, maybe I’d go with the less obvious choice. I’m really excited. I hope he doesn’t go home, like, the first seven seconds. I really wanna psychoanalyze all of them. It’s a great show.”

Lala isn’t the only Pump Rules personality to admit she was planning on watching Sandoval compete on Peacock‘s Emmy winning competition show. Rachel Leviss admitted on the Rachel Goes Rogue podcast, “I think I might have to tune in to watch that.” Sandoval’s former side piece continued, “I have been watching last season’s Traitors. The dynamic is very interesting. I may have to tune in for this because I feel like he is a master manipulator.”

Rachel, who also goes by Rocky, is curious as to the psychological aspect of seeing the man that she claimed ‘groomed‘ her in a challenge of strategy, trust, and deception. “It would be very interesting to see his tactics in a situation where it’s encouraged to be manipulative. Put on your psychology cap for this one ’cause it sounds very entertaining,” concluded Ariana Madix‘s former ‘close friend.’


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Do you believe Lala didn’t know Tom was filming The Traitors? Would you like to see her compete in the Scottish castle for the prize money? Sound off below.