Kyle Richards Upset By Fan Reactions To Morgan Wade Affectionately Grabbing Her Hip

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An upset Kyle Richards responds to the reaction of Morgan Wade‘s hip rub heard ’round the world.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star took to Amazon Live to respond to a fan question.

The infamous hip rub:

An obviously annoyed Bravolebrity answered, “Yes,” when asked if she thinks “fans are overreacting to the way that Morgan rubbed your hip.”

Additionally, Kyle tried to deflect by comparing her body language with her fellow WWHL guest to her body language with her rumored lover.

“I was looking at pictures with Kiki [Barth] and we both had our hands like that,” an upset Kyle explained of the affectionate hip rub.

“Also, when you’re nervous, you kind of like, you know? I don’t know.”

Additionally, Kyle slammed many of her followers, “I just thought it was stupid, honestly.”

*Thanks, Kyle. That was clear as mud.*

Bravo TV fans react to Kyle getting upset over the hip rub

  • Her marriage of almost 30 years has ended, she has 4 daughters and is probably in love with a woman not to mention all of it is all over social media.
  • Kyle. KYLE. Earth to Kyle. The jig is up babe. She really thinks we’re all big idiots doesn’t she? 🤠🤠
  • 🗣️“GOODBYE, KYLE!!!” -Ken Todd
  • We could have a sex tape of them and Kyle would be like “what? It’s just two friends catching up”
  • Of course Kyle would get upset about the hip grab- she’s not controlling the narrative

In case you missed it:

Morgan affectionately groped Kyle at Watch What Happens Live confirming what RHOBH fans have thought for months … Kyle Richards and Morgan Wade must be dating.

Unfortunately for Kyle, eagle eyed fans caught Morgan displaying PDA with Kyle while the pair were on the step-and-repeat.

While Morgan sported a Hermes belt (so chic!), she wrapped her arm around Kyle and amorously stroked the Real Housewife’s hip.

Watch Kyle get upset over the hip rub here:


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Despite Kyle wanting people to stop talking about her personal life, she’s on reality tv and giving the world a lot to talk about. It’s par for the course.

Drop your thoughts about Kyle’s anger over peoples’ reaction to Morgan grabbing her hip in the comments.