Leva Bonaparte Speaks Out About The Kyle Cooke Rumor Claiming He Cheated On Amanda Batula

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Leva Bonaparte hopes to set the record straight on the now-infamous video of Kyle Cooke stroking a blonde woman’s arm while Amanda Batula wasn’t present. Leva, who had boots on the ground, provided a full account of the night’s happenings.

The Southern Charm personality hopes shed light on the Summer House couple’s marital status. Leva slipped into @QueensOfBravo‘s DMs to drop a bomb. “Hi there! Since I’m seeing this all over the Internet, I just wanted to chime in about the situation. I was present for this entire interaction and evening. I can’t stand by and watch the Internet, who after someone’s marriage when it’s based on zero facts.”


Leva began, “I was in the Lamar’s with some of my friends, when I got a text from Joe Bradley telling me he wanted to bring Kyle to see our new spot. I was happy to have him. This is Kyle Cooke in the video. He came into Lamar’s this evening between what I think was a meet and greet event and DJ gig. Joe and Whitney brought him in to see our new space. There are many accounts claiming he was drunk, which is a lie. I was able to show him around, [and] have a pretty extensive conversation with him.” Leva continued, “I also introduced him to some of the people in my life and we had a cocktail or two. Nothing crazy.”

“In the video he is speaking to a woman who is a friend of mine.” The same woman is a “decade old friend of Kyle’s. Let me also mention that this girl friend of ours is in a very committed relationship and she came by my club to meet me for a drink, before we went home together. It’s just so happened that she got a chance to catch up with Kyle for a maximum of five minutes before we left. Kyle and our friend were simply catching up on life since she now has a family and has established herself in her profession. Kyle is congratulating her, this was purely friendly interaction!”

The ruuuuhhmurrrs and the nastiness:

“This instance, I’m really disappointed as this type of rumor is very damaging to a person’s marriage. I think Amanda is a lovely person and I’m a big girl’s girl, so I would hate for anyone to try to hurt her. Especially, since she was not present for a simple innocent conversation that her spouse was having. It really upsets me that this is being spun into something more than a friendly, ‘hey, I’m proud of you buddy’ conversation. I thought you should know the facts from a person who was there! Sincerely, Leva ❤️”


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In case you missed it:

Video surfaced of Kyle cozying up to a blonde at a Loverboy in November of 2023. According to @FaceReality16‘s deep dive, this was while Amanda was in Las Vegas celebrating Paige DeSorbo‘s 31st birthday. “It appears Kyle was getting cozy with someone in Charleston the night before a Loverboy event.”

The tipster continued, “The video was taken at 12:47 AM Friday night/Saturday morning” of Veteran’s Day weekend 2023. “In a nutshell, they were seen making out in a dark corner. The next day, Kyle acted like he wasn’t at the bar.”

Now that Leva entered the chat, does this make you think about this situation differently? Drop your opinion below.