“Blasted” Kyle Cooke Canoodled With Blonde At Loverboy Event In November Of 2023

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Video surfaced of Summer House star, Kyle Cooke, cozying up to a blonde at a Loverboy in November of 2023. According to @FaceReality16‘s hard-hitting deep dive, this was while Amanda Batula was in Las Vegas celebrating Paige DeSorbo‘s 31st birthday. “It appears Kyle was getting cozy with someone in Charleston the night before a Loverboy event.”

Kyle was caught kissing a random blonde … allegedly:

The tipster continued, “The video was taken at 12:47 AM Friday night/Saturday morning” of Veteran’s Day weekend 2023. “In a nutshell, they were seen making out in a dark corner. The next day, Kyle acted like he wasn’t at the bar.” @FaceReality16‘s source came in with hot with Receipts 👏 Proof 👏 Timelines 👏 Screenshots 👏.

*Please note, the videos show Kyle getting close to the blonde – even stroking her arm – but there is no evidence (yet) of a make out sesh.*


Tipster – “[Kyle] was here for Loverboy. Hey!!!”

@FaceReality16 – Lamar’s as in Leva and Lamars’s place?

Tipster – “I met Joe Bradley, he took me into the VIP section of Lamar’s. walk, Whitney, Kyle, Leo was there. I have video! Kyle was making out – basically like all over – this one female in the corner. He was blasted.”

*** As if making out wasn’t bad enough, the red flag continued to wave in a message the following day.***

Tipster – “Kyle asked, ‘Where did y’all go last night? Do anything fun?” I said, ‘Oh. Lamar’s.’ He goes, ‘Oh, I’ve heard that’s a fun place.”

@FaceReality16 – “STOP”

Tipster (to Kyle) – “Bitch, you were there hahaha.”

@FaceReality16 – “Did you get a good look at the girl girl in Charleston?”

Tipster – “From what I recall, maybe Kyle’s height, skinny, blonde.”

Bravo TV fans react to Kyle allegedly kissing a random blonde:

  • If my partner even stroked a woman’s arm like that we’d have a problem
  • Amanda deserves better!!! No wonder she is over his partying till 4 AM bullshit.
  • Said it once and I’ll keep saying it: Amanda, dump him!!!
  • no wonder Amanda doesn’t like him out at 4:00am. 🫠 Still no excuses though , if someone is going to cheat they will cheat if they are out or not. 🫠 Honestly not surprised though
  • Is that Danielle, doing the lords work for us again


This isn’t the first Kyle has appeared estranged from Amanda. Earlier this week @FaceReality16 dropped a tip claiming Kyle was toasting to his “upcoming divorce.”


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