A Poster Seemingly About Brittany Eady At Kenya Moore’s Event Was Titled ‘INSURANCE FRAUD HO’

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A leaked photo of a poster from Kenya Moore‘s salon event provides evidence something nefarious went down with her and the newest Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member, Brittany Eady.

In case you missed it:

Instagram’s @TheNeighborhoodTalk alleged “Our former Miss USA has been working around the clock to get Brittany fired.” Kenya “took things up a notch at her salon event. We exclusively reported that RHOA newbie, Brittany Eady, allegedly told Kenya ‘I have a gun for bitches like you.'”

To retaliate, Kenya allegedly “showed a picture of Brittany with a dick in her mouth” to her party guests. While the controversial RHOA personality denies engaging “in revenge porn,” Kenya tweeted, “I have never distributed private images or footage of anyone.” Nor have I “solicited images owned by others to use to threaten or blackmail. I have always been vindicated … I can’t talk about STORY even with people planting fake news.”

The receipt:

Instagram’s @ThePinkPopBox entered the chat with an incriminating photo … if you look closely. The photograph shows a poster that stated, ‘INSURANCE FRAUD HO’ in the title. While that poster doesn’t feature any photos, there is a great deal of indistinguishable text.

However, if you zoom in on the left edge of the poster, it appears there are photographs paired with printed out captions on a poster behind it. This is not a good look for Kenya.

kenya photo poster brittany eady

Bravo TV fans react:

  • My love for real housewives is isn’t as strong anymore when we have to resort to this for entertainment is a sad day…it’s the topic for me not the cardboard with no photos.
  • Well. This definitely isn’t the fun sort of mostly petty drama I’m looking for between hw😩
  • Someone is throwing stones and hiding hands what ever is done in the dark will come out in the light 💡
  • I can’t watch this crap anymore. It’s so hateful.
  • One thing you don’t wanna do is come for Kenya because will come for your whole existence 😂


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