Jo Wenberg Wants You To See Her Drink Salad Dressing And Compare Who Has Dirtier Feet With Tom Schwartz

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Jo Wenberg wants to make sure you watched her drink salad dressing with Tom Schwartz on the season 11 Vanderpump Rules Secrets Revealed episode. The hairdresser went live on Instagram in front of a Little Rascals inspired ‘No Schwartz zone’ sign ready to dish on her non-boyfriend.

Before we get to the salad dressing, let’s address the bird poop. Jo explained the childlike sign behind her was made after an unfotunate experience with a bird. “I got pooped on by the bird in my breakup outfit. So, that’s why it’s a ‘No Schwartz Zone’ today … or any day.”

The chaos continues:

“I hope everybody watched the Secrets Revealed on Vanderpump Rules because [there’s] a lot that people think they know that they don’t.” In an unaired scene, the VanderVerse saw what was seemingly a date night – to everyone but Tom. The headband-clad TomTom co-owner proceeded to chug Olive Garden salad dressing from the bottle. “That shit’s so good.” Jo took the salad dressing bottle like Lala took to the baby bottle in season six.

Jo joked about marrying Tom in eight years when he turns 48. In an unaired confessional, Jo disclosed, “Schwartz could be my soulmate, but he’s got a commitment issue. I think when he was with Katie [Maloney], it was almost forced.” She threw low-key shade at Tom’s ex-wife saying she wouldn’t give him an ultimatum. “You’re going to regret losing me, Schwartzie.”

The bang-buddies pivoted from drinking salad to comparing whose feet were dirtier. Jo concluded, “Go watch it.”

Bravo TV fans react:

  • I think one of the grossest scenes I have seen on reality TV was this Olive Garden scene. And I watch Sister Wives.
  • She really thinks she got catapulted into stardom 😂😂😂 the main character energy is a lottttt
  • I don’t think Schwartz will regret “losing her”
  • Yes, we watched you drink salad dressing…are we done now🙄🙄
  • Why does she always have to discount Katie and Tom’s relationship? If it was forced, how does it make her relationship with him any better? The not so subtle digs are 🫠
  • So what I got out of that was, she blames Katie for forcing a relationship with the man she’s forcing a relationship/marriage with. Also, they have dirty feet. All caught up lol
  • Her vocal fry makes me cringe


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