Jax Taylor Won’t Let His Separation From Brittany Cartwright Affect Their “Brand”

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Jax Taylor won’t let separation from Brittany Cartwright affect their “brand.”

In an interview with ETonline, the upcoming star of The Valley explained, “Just to keep it out there, we are separated. There’s not really much else to say.”

“It doesn’t affect how we raise our child,” continued Jax before adding, “It doesn’t affect our jobs.”

Jax believes he and Brittany are “a brand” because they “do things together.”

“We are adults, but we have to work on our marriage a little bit.”

Are Brittany and Jax trying to generate a Scandoval-like buzz?

“This is not a publicity stunt,” Jax announced while discussing his separation and brand.

“I feel like this would be the most disgusting way to publicize your show,” insisted the Vanderpump Rules alum. “So, I want to make it very clear that’s not what’s going on here.”

The returning Bravo TV personality continued, “People go through tough things in their marriage. We are trying to figure things out a little bit. But, it doesn’t stop us working together. We are adults.”

Struggling to form a sentence, Jax rambled on about his separation and his brand. “After I think people see the show they’ll realize this was not a publicity stunt.”

“We’ve had some communication issues going on for a while now and we have to figure that shit out.”

“I don’t know right now [if Brittany and I will stay together].”

“I’m OK. We’re working through it.”

“I feel like the world is a better place when Jax is on tv,” declared Jax while speaking in third person.  

Watch Jax discuss his separation and call himself a brand:

Notice Jax’s sniffles at the beginning of the video. Is it about the pasta?!?!!

In case you missed it:

Despite their separation, Jax and Brittany try to maintain their brand … from different homes.

Production for The Valley resumed after Brittany admitted that she and Jax were having marital problems and she moved out for her “mental health.”

Later that day, Jax called was randomly found by TMZ paparazzi and he denied there was any issue with Brittany.

Coincidently, the paps caught up with the Kentucky Muffin the next day who told them she hopes to have a “good co-parenting” relationship in the future, but she’s losing hope with her husband.

“It’s Jax, so he’s not really trying to [make things better] much right now. When asked about marriage counseling, Brittany revealed, “I’ve asked him for a while to do certain things and nothing has come from that.”

Do you think Jax and Brittany will remain a brand through their separation?