Jax Taylor Blames His Brain For Not Being A “Good Person” Amid Brittany Cartwright Split

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Jax Taylor knows he’s not a “good person” and blames his brain.

During an episode of the When Reality Hits podcast with guest star Kristen Doute, Jax and Brittany Cartwright argued about how the 44-year-old former Vanderpump Rules personality behaves.

Jax blames his brain:

“I don’t want to self-diagnose, but there’s something definitely wrong with my brain. I’m aware of that. I’m trying to figure that out,” explained Jax.

Kristen, who stars alongside Jax and Brittany on The Valley agreed and called him, “Jacked up Jax.”

Speaking in third person, Jax continued, “He’s not a good person” and admitted he’s at his worst when he feels “backed into a corner.”

Brittany calls Jax out for blaming his brain rather than taking accountability:

Brittany jumped in to put her estranged husband in check. “You’re the one who starts stuff … all the time.”

“I don’t start it,” interrupted Jax.

Brittany mocked her baby daddy, “So, you can’t be like, ‘I’m only like that when I’m backed into a corner’ because you are the main issue a majority of the time.”

Jax clapped back at the mother of his son, “There wouldn’t be Vanderpump Rules if I didn’t do that.”

Brittany stood her ground. “You can’t say that you only do these things when you’re backed in a corner because that’s not true.”

Kristen agreed with Brittany. She told Jax, “You poke the bear, but you don’t want your bear to be poked.”

Jax and Brittany fight during their podcast:

While Jax blamed his brain for his behavior, Brittany scolded her husband, “You can dish it, but you can’t take it.”

Jax – who clearly can’t take it – argued, “I can take it. You’re just going to get an earful.”

The former SUR bartender continued to whine, “Nobody wants to take it!” With an escalating volume, Jax continued, “I’m not just going to sit down and take it. I’m going to say something in return – whether I’m right or wrong.”

Brittany let Jax know he has a knack for hitting “where it hurts. You make people feel really bad about themselves.”

Jax replied, “I think I learned that from Lala [Kent] and Scheana [Shay].”

Bravo TV fans react to Jax placing blame on his brain for his bad behavior:

  • Isn’t he like 50 😂😂 still doing the same shii 
  • It’s bizarre they are separated and still doing this podcast.
  • How many times is this man gonna “admit” he has mental health problems but continue to use and abuse his wife and friends?!
  • He needs to grow up and put himself and his family first.
  • Apparently, he never followed through with therapy. He’s such a narcissist.
  • Only Jax would blame his brain but not get mental health treatment

See for yourself:

What’s your opinion of Jax blaming his brain for his bad behavior?