Janet Caperna Posts Receipts Dispelling Kristen Doute And Zack Wickham’s Claims Against Her

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Janet Caperna brought receipts to prove Zack Wickham was removed from Jax’s Studio City, despite Kristen Doute‘s claims Janet made it up. The Valley stars took their drama to social media to share their sides of the story.

Drama ensued after a social media user posted, “On Janet and Jason’s podcast, [Janet] called Zack ‘trash, and a loser.'” Janet revealed she felt “scared that night” and that Zack “was physically removed from Jax’s bar.”

Kristen jumped into the the conversation to speak to what happened to Zack that night. “Zack wasn’t physically kicked out of (or removed from) the bar by anyone. This is bullshit. I, personally, called him an Uber (post filming) and he left with his/our friend, Jacy. @JanetElizabethX stop talking on podcasts. It’s exhausting.”


Janet posted screenshots of text conversations with both Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor. On Sunday, September 17th, Brittany texted Janet to check on her. “How are you feeling today today?” She immediately followed up her inquiry with piping hot tea. “We ended up having Zack taken out of the bar last night. He was going nuts.”

It is unclear when exactly Janet reached out to Brittany’s estranged husband. The screenshot showed the messages began ‘Today’ at ‘5:30pm.’ Janet asked Jax, “The night of our finale for your bar’s soft opening, was Zack kicked out or did he just leave on his own?” Jax answered, “Kicked out.” He continued, “I kicked him out last week two.” (Yes, Jax used the wrong ‘too.’)

Janet posted one last receipt …

Zack sent Janet a text on Wednesday, March 13th at 3;55pm. “This is long overdue, but I want you to know I would have apologize for what I said right away, but **NAME OMITTED* said not to, and I didn’t want to disrespect what they asked of me. Plus, it was the end of your pregnancy and I thought it would be better for you to have that time to yourself. I also told them to tell you that I wanted to do apologize and that I sincerely regret saying what I did. There’s no world where what I said was OK, and you also might accept my apology which I understand but I wanted to say that I shouldn’t have said those things.”

Bravo TV fans react:

  • My only take away from these slides is that Jax does not know the difference between ‘two’ and ‘too’.
  • Janet is no one’s friend. She will share anything you say and anything you text. She is in it for the show now 💯. Not that anyone else is in the right. She is just clearly blinded by bravo fame
  • Kristen is a truth twister … always has been.
  • I can see where Janet is coming from, but like all this drama girl 🥴
  • Still don’t like Janet


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In case you missed it:

On an episode of the Gabbing With Gib podcast, Janet explained her on-camera motivation. “I was just being authentic to what I would have done either way,” so “I didn’t think about the audience and cameras. I just went out there wanting to be my true self and surround myself with people that want to see my pregnancy go to full term and see me become a mom and have a healthy child. Now, I’m pretty certain that’s not what Kristen and Zack wanted.”

Content Warning

Janet continued,“It absolutely is revolting that your BFF Zack said out loud that he was hoping I would miscarry and commit suicide this summer. All of our friends and cast mates were aware of what he said and reached out expressing how disgusted they were by Zack’s death wish upon my unborn cild, except for you.”“Glad to hear [you] find his comments as revolting as everyone else does.”

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